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Is Training on the Tools Important?

Posted by dan_fried on Oct 16, 2010 6:49:53 AM

“What was my Mentor account team thinking when they recommended I take training? After all, I have used similar products for years and I’m not a newbie.  For the most part, aren’t these tools the same?”


If you are asking yourself those questions, the answer to all is an unqualified “No”! The reality is that when new software is installed there is a learning curve that may result in a productivity loss as the user becomes aware of all the functionality in the new tools. There is a cost associated with this loss, so time is critical.  The sooner a new user ramps up, the quicker the return on investment. According to a study by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), initial productivity can drop as much as 25% when new software is installed without training.

As a user it is important to seriously consider training on new software regardless of experience. Still trying to justify the cost? Consider the following:

  • A Global Training and Certification Study found that a 2% increase in productivity from training can net a 100% return on the initial training investment.
  • A major mobile communications manufacturer calculated that every dollar spent on training yields ~30% gain in productivity within 3 years.
  • Understanding all of the software’s functionality maximizes your initial EDA investment. You are quicker to respond to market changes which result in product leadership.
  • Well trained users are more innovative. They are open to exploring multiple design scenarios.
  • Training results in improved employee morale and satisfaction that reduces employee turnover.
  • Training helps deliver better quality products leading to an enhanced company image and happier customers.

Now that you understand the impact and importance of training, you may question the convenience of training.   You may believe classes held at a Mentor training facilities are not convenient because of the travel costs as well as the time spent away from work and home.   Last year we introduced Live Online Training. The positive response from our customers has been overwhelming. Today, the majority of our courses are available in this format.  Similar to a traditional classroom setting, the instructor teaches the course live. He is connected to the students via video and voice conferencing.  Not only can the students interact with the teacher, they can also interact with each other. The class materials (including labs) are  exactly the same as those used in the traditional classroom setting. Over and over customers tell us these courses are effective, citing  that the #1 and #2 benefits are  elimination of travel costs and the ability to stay at home to handle their daily business and personal responsibilities.

We in Education Services appreciate your input.   It helps us think creatively about your current and future training needs.  Please continue to let us know what kinds of training you’d like to see . Who knows; we may already have a solution.



Dan Fried
Training Business Development Manager
Customer Support Division
Mentor Graphics Corporation


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