• Setting Slave Registers in A2B Analyzer

    Hi all,   I am trying to use A2B Analyzer in my A2B setup to replace an otherwise present active slave node. The active slave node sets its TDM configuration registers to specific values required for proper oper...
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  • A2B analyzer configuration for adc connection

    I'm using A2B analyzer as a master and want connect analog sensor with ADC which is "ADAU1978" I'm configuing the A2B analyzer application and I got lot's of errors with same messages as below.   Would you shar...
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  • How to send the Control data over I2C Peripheral config using Mentor analyzer??

    hi  i want send the control data to slave over I2C, According to my understanding  we have to configure in network builder -> peripheral config ->peripheral write  I2C address,  Peripheral...
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  • 32 Bit version of the Analyzer SDK

    Hello,   Is there a 32 bit version of the Analyzer SDK? I have to develop a 32 and 64 DLL using the Analyzer SDK. But all of the libraries delivered with the SDK are 64 bit.   Thanks Volker
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  • System Setup with A2B Analyzer and EVAL-AD2425WBZ (and I2S/TDM connection)

    Hello dear Mentor-Community, I am fairly new to A2B and Audiosystems, and having struggles with a setup. The setup consists of three devices and my laptop. The laptop as audio source, the Mentor A2B Analyzer as Master...
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