• PluginTesting enviroment

    Which Application do you prefer to test your Capital Plugins (like CustomActions) for general?
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  • A2B Transmit Slots and Receive Slots Configuration

    Hi, I am new to A2B technology. I started using the A2B Analyzer for one of my current audio processing work. The system setup goes as follows.   If I look at the Slot Activity in A2B Analyzer Window, I could ...
  • AUtoSAR VFC configuration

    Hi,   In AutoSAR, when a ECU is connecting several network, and some of the PNC is using by several networks connected. Is it must to config this ECU as PNC gateway? Expected PNC gateway type is "None". If we co...
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  • Max pin current value

                          Hi,               &...
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  • Option to show Netnames in DC drop analysis report

    Hi All,   Please see the idea link and place your opinion:   Option to show Netnames in DC drop analysis report (an idea for flexible Reporter)   Thanks, Bijesh Nair, Singapore
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  • Terminal of part library

                       Hi,         I have a design with harness . I am clicking right on connector i...
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  • Tutorial A1 FloEFD in Creo 4.1

    Hi,   I have a problem with the first tutorial (Ball Valve) in FloEFD. In particular the part where you configure a Cut Plot for the first time. I only can choose "Mesh" as a Display option for the cut. In the A...
    created by klaasalb
  • How to enable code coverage for modelsim encrypted RTL sources

    Hi All,   Please let me know, how to enable code coverage or get code coverage report for encrypted RTL source in modelsim 10.4 D. Any specific command is there or not.   Abhishek
    created by @bhishek
  • Node license is unable to comply with new Mentor Product Releases

    I am using node license with expiry date till 2022. But new release of Nucleus readystart is unable to build due to license unavailability. I am getting this error number : MGLS error number: 522
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  • USB Audio class driver failing to submit IRP (INVALID_ARG error code).

    I am working on proprietary USB Mic software development and we are using nucleus USB device drivers for Audio class. I am trying to record the audio samples from the proprietary USB mic using device driver provided ...
    created by abodhe
  • unable to simulate

    Hi   As a fist step towards learning TLM I am trying to simulate the code given in mentor graphic tutorial   "Utilizing SystemC for Design and Verification"   www.edadirect.com/docs/Using_SystemC_for...
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  • compilation output format

    at the past when I compiled a block ("foo.vhd") under the work library I had library called "foo" and under this library i had files: _primary.dat ,_primary.dbs, arch_name.dat, arch_name.dbs. In that way all block h...
    created by nimi10
  • accessing SAFE drive in NOR flash of Nucleus from Embedded Linux

    Hello   We are using Mentor Nucleus RTOS for our custom board and we have 2 SAFE drives/partitions  (say F and G drive) created in NOR flash. In case we go for MEL (Mnetor Embedded Linux) in future instea...
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  • Error Booting Android on Xilinx ZCU102

    Hello,   I am trying to run the Android demo to ZCU102 found in the link below: Mentor Embedded solutions for Xilinx SoCs and MPSoCs - Mentor Graphics   I downloaded the pre-built images and followed th...
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  • report da Vesys a Capita

    Buongiorno   Ho un file (SampleCustomReport) che gira su Vesys ma non riesco a farlo funzionare per Capital. Avete una soluzione per me?   Good morning     I have a file (SampleCustomReport) th...
    created by alessioponzoni
  • How can we export IPN Table Data

    Hi,   I need to know how to export IPN Table Data from MSS     Regards, Shiva
    created by shivukumar
  • Teamcenter Retative Digital Validation

    Hi I am looking to understand all use cases that can be delivered as a Teamcenter Retative Digital Validation (RDV) Capability. I have read the documents available via google search I am looking for some specific ...
    created by vgk
  • Toolchain for kernel version 2.6

    I've got the following problem:   I 'inherited' an embedded linux project which uses the toolchain CodeSourcery. This toolchain is bound to the hardware of the computer.   Now the project should be transfe...
    created by sasbs
  • AM335X GPMC AD Muxed read access to NOR like FPGA

    I have been trying to get a nucleus driver created for the TI Sitara am335xevm BSP.   My device is up and running, we have writes working however a read access does not generate any GPMC clock or other pin activ...
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  • Excecute Tcl script in Montor Graphics symbol Editor under xDXDesigner VX.2

    Hello community,   I have Tcl script executed under symbol editor in xDxDesigner 7.9, I want to execute this script under xDxDesigner VX.2 but I don't find the way,   so can you help me to solve this issue...
    created by ozaouiidrissi