• net radiant flux can't be displayed in Floefd for all semitransparent parts

    Floefd 15 & 16 has bug to display "net radiant flux" when launch solar radiation simulation. Net radiant flux only can be displayed on opaque parts, but can't be displayed for all semitransparent parts.   C...
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  • FMEA(Failure modes and effect analysis)

    Everyone hello, I am doing diagram electrical analysis in Capital Logic programs, but the problem that we are encountering during the analysis is that there is no color change when voltage and current flow to the dia...
    created by sefa
  • Adding basic C libraries to PATH not working

    Hello, I am new to cross-compiling and would really appreciate any help available. My host is Windows 10, and my target is a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B V1.2 (ARM v7-a) When I compile a simple "Hello World" program using...
    created by ianovsa
  • Eye mask for Vih and Vil level

    Hello All, I have query regarding Eye mask, this is nothing technical but related to tool. I'm using HyperLynx 9.4/9.3 where I'm able to use only the specified/predefined mask. I would like to use for setup and Hol...
    created by vineethsankar
  • NxDat Plugin

    Hi, I use Calibre NxDat and would like to build a custom plugin.  I'm an experienced coder but I've never created a plug in for software that doesn't have a lot of tutorials online.  Can someone help give m...
    created by maltman
  • HELP - Precision RTL Synthesis ERROR with Altera MAX+PLUS II Place & Route

    Hi Folks,   I'm running into some compiling/synthesis errors using the Mentor Graphics Precision RTL Synthesis software. I'm hoping someone can shed some light on these errors I'm getting.   I've been ...
    created by gerry_man
  • IS mentor have the timing benchmarks(nucleus plus run on ARM9)

    I just find that mentor said that the nuclus is very good, but I havn't found the timing benchmarks, is there have any doc like that? hope we can get one, thanks.
    created by zed
  • How to access SDIO device in Nucleus2014.06

    I want to access SD card by Nucleus2014.06 in AM3517EVM board. It seems that there is no explicit APIs for MCC/SD devices, like I2C, SPI. I confused that why there is no content about SDIO in document nu_connectivit...
    created by zhifengzhang
  • Debug configuration editor crashes - Ready Start ARM 2014.12

    I'm trying to understand why adding a second instance of an Ethernet driver to my BSP's platform file prevents the configuration editor from loading.  The error I get on trying to edit a configuration is:   ...
    created by kkimber
  • CodeBench Lite for ARM and Intel

    Hi,   I'd like to know why there is no CodeBench Lite Release for ARM and Intel anymore. Will there be a new version in the future or has it been discontinued? We've only used the GCC toolchain part of CodeBench...
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  • FloEFD turbulence model

    Dear All I am using FloEFD to simulate natural ventilation in building. Through my search in papers, I found that the other commercial software use turbulence models like standard K-e, RNG K-e and SST K-w to solve th...
    created by ar.aflaki
  • New U2U Automotive 2014

    created by cameron_quast
  • C++ compilation for ARM A5

    Hi!   we are trying to compile existing C++ code with CodeBench for SAMA5 hitting  a variable name 'new' as the first error and many others since, we  wonder whether the SAMA5 library has been compile...
    created by loopbusy
  • Design Capture Procedural Interface library

    Hi all!   I'm designing a small program using libacepi.lib to modify large groups components with user-defined parameters in DesignCapture. The function ldb_find_next_object is used to get object_ids of compone...
    created by zakharov.vn
  • How to generate core dump from Nucleus application?

    We are using codebench tools with Nucleus 3.x release, we found there is a gdb within the codesourcery tool chain.   We would like to generate core dump file when unhandled exception happens so that we can exam ...
    created by zhigang.liu
  • how to set stack size in makefile ?

    Hi,   I try to set the stack size for my program but it gives the following error :   unrecognised option '--stack'.   How to correctly specify the stack size in the makefile ?       ...
    created by kstan
  • XML board file for STM32F2xx?

    Greetings,   We're using one of the newer generation of STM32 MCUs.  There doesn't seem to be a board XML file for it. Has anyone created one for these processors?   Cheers
    created by eleventen
  • GPIO Interrupt handlers

    Hello. I'm trying to replace default SCB CS3 weak interrupt handler for Stellaris LM4F by mine impementation. extern "C" void __cs3_isr_GPIOM() { ... } doesn't works. Thank you.
    created by Kirill.Obukhov
  • arm-eabi toolchain on osx and code size

    Hello,   i am developing with codesourcery toolchain in windows and i would like to do that also on MacOs. I downloaded and compiled the arm-eabi toolchain on osx following jsynder instructions on github, but ...
    created by francescop
  • U2U 2012 Santa Clara - Registration is Open!

    Mentor Graphics User Group Thursday, April 12, 2012 Santa Clara, CA     U2U Santa Clara is the only event in the Bay area this year for you to learn and share with other users and meet with Mentor’s t...
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