• Porting Google Test Framework to Nucleus

    Hello everyone,   has anyone tried or ported Google Test framework to Nucleus?   Thanks, Mohamed Mostafa
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  • What bugs are fixed in Nucleus ReadyStart 2013.03 (compared with 2012.12)?

    I am using Nucleus ReadyStart 2012.12. I found Nucleus 2013.03 has a "New product packaging" and have some bug fixes.(from Relase note of version 2013.03)   Could you please tell me, does the "bug fixes" is base...
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  • Nucleus RTOS application

    I am new to Nucleus RTOS and start to learn and write application for AM3358(Cortex A8) processor 1. Is nucleus readystart run.compile and make binary files  on windows 7 without CygWin? 2. Is Nucleus RTOS requ...
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  • Porting Nucleus RTOS to BeagleBone

    Hi All,   I have started porting nucleus RTOS to BeagleBone TI board.But i am not confirm BeagleBoard support Nucleus RTOS   Please can any one clarify this one????????   If it is possible give pleas...
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  • Nucleus support for ADI Blackfin?

    It's not entirely clear whether Nucleus is supported on ADI's Blackfin product line up. I've seen older (circa 2005) announcements on the Internet from Mentor mentioning support for Nucleus on Blackfin but the most re...
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  • Error : No rule to make target 'clean'

    I am working with "evaluation of Nucleus ReadyStart for Texas Instruments AM3517EVM development kit". I installed the kit and I run debug for Demo QEMU but I faced error "No rule to make target 'clean'".   Any ...
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  • Support for thread local storage

    GCC for some time, for some tool chains, has supported thread local storage. The C++11 standard has formalised the concept of thread local storage with the thread_local specifier.   Nucleus implements its own th...
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  • Jlink doesn't seem to be downloading to ATSAM3UEK

    I'm working with the v1.0.0 realease of the ATSAM3UEK bsp but I don't think code is being downloaded to the board during debug.   I'm using a Jlink to debug the Kernel Demo as a Nucleus application. The project ...
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  • sqlite3 not working in nucleus RTOS

    The following issues are seen when trying to use sqlite3 in nucleus RTOS:   sqlite3_open() was successful in opening a database. Later when trying to create a table using sqlite3_exec() an exception error occurs...
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  • Transforming nucleus image to supply to QEMU emulator

    Hello All,   I am currently working from the command line - outside of the CodeSourcery Code bench. I am using the tools supplied for ReadyStart Arm 2012.12.   So I have created, configured and built my QE...
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  • Location of Nucleus Configuration Editor

    The Nucleus Ready Start guide (2012.12) refers to a Nucleus Configuration Editor as a way of editing configuration files in a more controlled way.   My reading of the guide leads me to believe that the Nucleus C...
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  • Troubleshooting program verify errors

    I'm working with a new BSP for the Atmel SAM3U-EK and I'm getting an error when starting the debugger. The project I'm trying to run is a stock Nucleus Serial Demo and my debug probe is a Segger J-Link.   In th...
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  • keshini

    can we use NUCLES PLUS rtos for SPEAR dual core CORTEX-A9 using SMP please let me know
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  • Sample codes for imx28evk board

    Hi, I am new to iMX28. Where can i get sample codes for the imx28evk board? I am using Nuclues Readystart Sourcery Codebench IDE.   Thanks and regards, Anand K
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  • Unable to build nucleus with nu.os.svcs.posix enabled

    Hello,   We are having difficulties in building Nucleus with Posix support enabled. We are using Nucleus ReadyStart distribution for ARM.   We have problems due to compiler tool chain's sys_types.h definin...
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  • Nucleus CANOpen

    Hi, during the development of some high-level code, I'm starting to interface my application with the Nucleus CAN. For my purposes I'd like to include the CANOpen standard protocol, that should already be included in ...
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  • Nucleus driver structure

    Please see the application note, Nucleus_Driver_Structure.pdf, in the Documents section.  Sample files are provided in the file driver_sample.zip, also in the Documents section.
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  • What is the difference between NU_Local_Control_Interrupts() and NU_Control_Interrupts()?

    NU_Local_Control_Interrupts() manages interrupts on a local level. It means the interrupt condition is predicated on a task. For example, if a thread disables interrupts, they are only disabled while the task is runni...
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  • What is the difference between a queue and a pipe?

    Both provide a method for intertask communication. Queue messages consist of one or more 32-bit words. Pipe messages consists of one or more bytes.
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  • How many of a processor's timers does Nucleus PLUS use?

    Nucleus PLUS uses just one timer for generating all timing services provided by the kernel. In the event no timing services are required, then no CPU timer is required. Typically our customers use 10ms as the granular...
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