• How to reset in software

    CPU = TM4C1231H6PM. I want to be able to re-initialize from within C++ code.  I assume it could be done if there was a way I could "goto  __cs3_reset_TM4C1231H6PM", or "goto 0" or maybe there is an assembly...
    created by dbroadwell
  • Problem using time functions in CodeSourcery Lite

    I'm trying to use time() and localtime(), and I've included time.h so it compiles, but the linker complains: ~/CodeSourcery/bin/../lib/gcc/arm-none-eabi/4.3.3/../../../../arm-none-eabi/lib/libc.a(lib_a-gettimeofdayr....
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  • Sprite crashes if two ST Link debugger are plugged into the computer

    Sorry,   this is the third post here because of issues in Code Sourcery ARM EABI Windows Host Platform.   Now I really ment this environment is very unstable if STM32F0xx or STMF1xx hardware together with ...
    created by b.noest
  • Sourcery crashes on debugging a volatile variable

    Hi,   i am currently debugging an RCC example project from STM on the following development platform   Sourcery CodeBench IDE Version: 2013.11-57 STM32F103 Processor ROM Unhosted Debugger: ST-Link V2 ...
    created by b.noest
  • Problems with board definitions spanning over several projects

    Hi,   if I am using board definitions over several projects the profile and processor will not be set and cant be selected (both dropbox lists are empty). Then the librareies can't be build.   Using follow...
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  • arm-2012.03\bin\arm-none-linux-gnueabi-ar not a valid win32 application

    Hello,   I am trying to build a static library from my Eclipse project. G++ and GCC are working as expected but  arm-none-linux-gnueabi-ar.exe does not seem to be a valid executable for my windows version. ...
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  • How to link a file to a specified address?

    I want to compile and link a file (flash.c) to a specified address, for example 0x20000000, how to write the link script, and what should I do in the source file?   In fact, I want to erase and re-programming th...
    created by zhifengzhang
  • sourceryg++-2013.05-88-nios2 custom FPU patch

    Had some time lately to test this - patch attached. > A simple test case: > > double f2d(float x) { return (double)x; } > > compiled with -O2 ... -mcustom-frdy=2 ... -mcustom-fextsd=37 > > Gcc w...
    created by savin.zlobec
  • sourceryg++-2013.05-nios2 custom DF insn broken

    Hi,   I just took the nios2 sourceryg++-2013.05 for a test. Looks good, but the custom DF instructions are severely broken.   The compiler will segfault compiling the following code:   --- #include ...
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  • Interrupt vectors in beaglebone BSP

    Hello All,   I am working with the 2013.08 Ready Start Arm - trying to make some extensions to the beaglebone BSP.   On looking at the BSP platform description - bsp/beaglebone/beaglebone.platform - I find...
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  • Codebench suppport for Segger J-link

    Hello All,   I am working with a ReadyStart Arm (2013.03) package to build an application for the beaglebone. I have an application compiling and linking and would like to try it out on the hardware. I have a ...
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  • STLink not working with Sourcery CodeBench IDE Version: 2013.05-53

    I unable to debug a STM32 L1 Discovery Board using a Stlink debugger with Sourcery Code Bench.  Any information would be appreciated.    Information   Windows 7 64bit. Code bench Version: 2013...
    last modified by rfritch
  • C & C++ Development for Custom Instruction Set Architectures with GNU or LLVM Toolchains

    Don't miss this webinar on using open source technology (GNU or LLVM) to develop compilers for custom instruction set architectures.   If you have any questions, please post them to this discussion thread.  
    created by Anil
  • Support for Freescale new i.MX 6 series processors?

    Hi,   Browsing the Supported processors table (http://www.mentor.com/embedded-software/supported-processors) I find some iMX 5 series processors from Freescale. Freescale, however, recommend the new generation i...
  • Are you using the new Compile Cache feature in Sourcery CodeBench? Tell us about your experience.

    This feature is available on Linux hosts only. You can enable the compile cache feature within Sourcery CodeBench from the Window > Preferences > Sourcery CodeBench settings.
    created by Anil
  • Sourcery CodeBench Lite 2012.09-64 - Breaks kernel builds

    Hi all, this toolchain is unable to build the linux kernel (i've tried 3.6.6 and 3.7-rc6), it gives me this error:   ... arch/arm/lib/copy_template.S:100: Error: selected processor does not support ARM mode `...
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  • Using open-source software for commercial embedded designs? Talk to us & win a cool t-shirt!

    Do you use open-source software or perhaps a commercial solution built upon open-source? Tell us how this is working out for you. What do you like and what you hate about it.   At the end of the month, the top m...
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  • Troubles with uart_echo example

    Hi, I am using the latest codesourcery codebench on windows, with the following gcc version: arm-stellaris-eabi-gcc.exe (Sourcery CodeBench 2012.09-86) 4.7.2 And an eval kit DK-LM3s9d96   To get up and runni...
    created by mwa
  • Codebench windows 8 x64 support?

    We buy new computers with Windows 8 x64, asks Codebench supports windows 8 x64?
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  • Have the new TI LaunchPad? Tell us about your experience!

    This thread is to post and discuss user experiences on designing for the new TI LaunchPad.    Remember that Sourcery CodeBench has out of box support for the Cortex M4F core-based Stellaris family of devic...
    created by Anil