• Can you specify different compiler options on files within a project?

    Can you specify different compiler options on files within a project?
    created by jkresse
  • Mentor IDE - Remote Explorer SSH Error

    We have installed Mentor Licensed Codesourcery on unbuntu 16.04 64-bit machine. When we try to connect to remote host via Metor IDE SSH terminal we get following error :-   "Session.connect: java.security.Inval...
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  • How to build Boost for ARM embedded system(Nucleus) on windows(arm-none-eabi-gcc)

    1. I installed Codesourcery toolchain (in fact I installed Nucleus readystart which include Codesourcery gcc toolchains) 2. I got Boost from web, the version is Boost_1_56 3. I want to build a Boost version which ca...
    created by zhifengzhang
  • How to avoid unnecessary register loads using powerpc-eabi-gcc

    I'm finding that compiling with gcc (without optimisation) produces assembly code which contains a number of unnecessary register loads which increases the code size and slows it down. I'm reluctant to turn on optimis...
  • HISR-unknown, TASK-unknown from Sourcery Analyzer

    Eventually, I haven't found HISR or TASK from Soucery Analyzer because these are seen as a unknown. Is there anybody who know why it's happening and how to resolve this?
    created by yh.lee
  • How do you transfer a license from one computer to another?

    Hello,   I am currently using both Sourcery CodeBench for ARM EABI and COLDFIRE.  Also, I use 2 different computers for development so my 2 seats of each license are used up.  I just replaced one compu...
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  • Build boost on Linux for ARM ebbedded toolchain (arm-none-eabi-gcc)

    I am still struggling to configure Boost (bjam) properly to cross-compile it for the ARM embedded toolchain (arm-none-eabi-gcc). I'm working on Linux Ubuntu 14.04. Boost version 1.57. Can anyone provide me with a corr...
    created by yabaud
  • Sourcery CodeBench - How can I add an additional Base Board with the software package that I have for AT91SAM9G25 Atmel Board/CPU

    Hi,   I am just a beginner for Mentor Sourcery CodeBench and currently working on the evaluation copy to understand its features.    I would appreciate it very much if you could tell me how to add an...
    created by ccamkoy@etdb.org
  • std::to_string() available in arm-none-eabi-g++?

    Hello   When trying to use std::to_string(), the numeric conversions to std::string, I'm getting the following compiler error:   error: 'to_string' is not a member of 'std'   Is this conversion funct...
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  • This application requires version highers of the Mentor Graphics licensing software

    After installing ReadyStart ARM (2014.12), when I tried to create a system project, I faced the popup as above "This application requires version highers of the Mentor Graphics licensing software" I don't know why i...
    created by yh.lee
  • Support for backtraces in ARM NONE EABI toolchain (bare metal)

    Being able to have access to a (stack) backtrace programatically would be very interesting. I'm trying to save the program backtrace just after a C++ exception occurs to locate where the exception happened. Somethin...
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  • Problems in Installing Trial version of Sourcery CodeBench

    I tried installing Trial version of Sourcery Code Bench for Power EABI target platform. It is asking for license.lic file.I received license.txt in mail from Mentor Graphics. I renamed "license.txt" as "license.lic" a...
  • Codebench support for Freescale MPC5748G?

    Are there any plans for Codebench to support the Freescale Qorivva MPC5748G processor? I have a development board that I am anxious to work on and I am interested in using Codebench. Regards.
    last modified by coderunner
  • Support for TIVA EK-TM4C1294XL connected launchpad

    Hello, I'm using Sourcery CodeBench IDE for Stellaris version:  2013.11-31. I started working with the TIVA TM4C1294XL launchpad board from Texas Instruments (EK-TM4C1294XL connected launchpad). I was not able...
    last modified by plinio
  • Unable to install/run Sourcery Codebench on Windows 7?

    Hi All,   I have downloaded the latest Codebench (2014-05-28, ARM EABI version) and I am trying to install it on Windows 7 (64-bit).  The problem is when I install it, the installer goes through the entire ...
    last modified by mark.melvin
  • How to use watchpoint(data pointer) with mentor prober personal?

    I was debugging an application, and some RAM memory is modified abnormally. watchpoint is a very good idea to catch the mistake, but I don't know how to use it. I refered to the personal user manual, and there is a ...
    last modified by zhifengzhang
  • CodeBench IDE line breakpoints

    I may be doing something wrong, but I can't get the Sourcery Codebench IDE debugger to stop on a breakpoint that I add to a source file.  The debugger will stop on a breakpoint added in the disassembly window, bu...
    last modified by cpage03
  • How to locating a variable at a specific address?

    I want to define a variable and locate it at a specified address. For example I need to locate the version information at address 0x08000000, how to achieve it? How to define in linker script? how to write source c...
    last modified by zhifengzhang
  • Sourcery CodeBench 2013.11 for target ARM GNU/Linux not available as Lite Edition?

    Hello,   last week I asked about Sourcery CodeBench for ARM GNU/Linux with GCC 4.8.1, and yesterday CodeBench 2013.11 with GCC 4.8.1 was released ... great! Unfortunately, there is no Lite Edition download avail...
    last modified by stefan.muehling
  • malloc causing hard faults - how to adjust stack/heap

    I've been working on firmware for one of our projects for a while now and all the features are starting to come together, which is causing some problems. I have several modules of code which have been tested independe...
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