• Insert connector on harness design is always creating datum: front

    When inserting a connector on a blank harness drawing the datum value is set to FRONT by default. Can I change this to be value DEFAULT always? Front is in 80% of all cases the wrong value.
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  • Capital H- schematic splice merge and Multicore wire merge action issue

    Dear All,   I have faced one issue in CH while doing Copy some schematic portion and paste in another sheet.   Issue : While copy (CNTRL + C ) and Paste ( CNTRL+SHIFT+V ) the same circuit is copied and pas...
  • Additional Part Numbers in custom report

    Hello!   In VeSys 2.0 Harness, is there a way for custom reports to show additional components? We have things like screwlocks attached to our D-Sub connectors that we'd like accounted for in a custom report, bu...
    created by robing
  • Grid Snapping and Alignment

    I'm not sure how to change the grid snapping distance, as it always seems to stay the same no matter what I change (physical scale and grid defaults). Also, I noticed that tables do no allow the alignment tools to be ...
    created by joel_l
  • VeSys 2.0: Is There A Way To Dynamically Add Columns To a Report

    Is there a way to dynamically add columns to a report?   In my specific instance:   I'm grouping my rows by part number.   I'm trying to add X number of columns, containing the quantity of each AssyD...
    created by esullivan
  • VeSys 2.0 Design/Document Variables

    Hello!   I noticed there were a few default variables that I can reference for use with auto-filling my border (e.x. {Design.Name}, {Design.ShortDescription}, {Diagram.Name}, etc.). Is there a full list of these...
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  • VeSys and SmarTeam

    Hello!   Is there any plan for VeSys to support SmarTeam? I noticed the newest version has support for TeamCenter.   As a side question: Is there any plan to have more administrative functions in Vesys? We...
    created by robing
  • Can Vesys 2.0 Calculate the weight

    So can Vesys calculate the weight of a harness and if so how do we go about it?
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  • Wire Breaks and XREFS?

    Hi All,   Two things, Is there anyway to show in the wire xref just "Page number and grid refrence"? Also, i thing there is a big failure that VeSys 2.0 doesnt carry over the same wire information between wire ...
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  • Protecting Items in a Harness that isn't in a schematic

    So say you had a harness that was drawn in Harness.  You then used Vesys and wanted to add onto the harness with more schematic wires.   If you do a sync it destroys everything not in the schematic.   ...
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  • Is it possible to save a design under another name (SAVE AS..) ?

    Hi   Is it possible to save a design under another name (SAVE AS..)
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  • Aout-routing problem

    Hi, I am trying to auto-route a schematic but wires doesnt fill all the blanks on the border they are over and over so this forms a chaos.Here is a picture of it.   Thank you, 
    last modified by st111201001

    So I have a project with a symbol device on it and I tried copying it to another wire design and it went entirely out of wack.  If I try to add in the symbol in this other wiring design through symbol components ...
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  • How to show Wire destination cursor

    Hello,   Is there any possibility to show the wire end cursor point in vesys 2.0. In Vesys classic If you move the mouse point to one end of wire in connector cavity the dotted link will be enable to show other ...
    created by manojk
  • VeSys 2.0:  Panning

    VeSys 2.0 should have the panning capabilities of VeSys Classic, having to click a pan button is really annoying and it would speed up drawing navigation considerably.  In my experience most CAD tools have the pa...
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  • Where should we post VeSys 2.0 questions?

    Should we still post our VeSys 2.0 questions in the VeSys forum, if so where?   Some of the VeSys 2.0 functionality is similar to CHS and so I wondered where I should post my questions.
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  • VeSys 2.0 Composite Harness Designs

    How do I create a composite harness design in VeSys 2.0?   I can't see an option for it anywhere
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  • Has anyone modelled an Alternator?

    Any ideas on how best to create an Alternator in VeSys?           Currently I have an additional battery that is set to the output voltage of the Alternator.
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  • VeSys Harness 2.0:  Helpfile

    I have installed VeSys 2.0 and for some reason the VeSys Harness 2.0 helpfile is linked to a PDF whereas all of the other VeSys products use a thing called Infohub, is this correct or is it a problem with my installat...
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  • More test drive videos, Vesys 2.0.

    It would be helpful if there were some videos showing working with the Component, Symbol and Simulation tools.
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