• Net name size global modification

    I need use Xpedition Designer V.X 2.4 modify a schematic, I found that the previous schematic net name size is some 2.00mm and some is 2.54mm. I want to know how to set the size so that they can be exactly the same. &...
    created by brantgu
  • what options in v2lvs make the different pin format in the output netlist?

    what options in v2lvs make the different pin format in the output netlist? one is: Xsw_cnm/runit_top_wrap/runit_top/runit_rams_top/BOOTROM_48KB_boot_rom/tsmc_12nm_rom_rom0 + FE_OFN1017130_sw_cnm_runit_top_wrap_runi...
    created by lingwan
  • Question about Calibre PEX Warnings

    I met some WARNING problems when I run Caliibre PEX. Does these Warnings lead to the final results error?  Which warnings are unnecessary to modify? 
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  • Poly as routing layer

    In my layout, I dont want Poly as routing layer. How can I use DRC to detect the Polys.
    created by hu_qy
  • Calibre LVS giving Short circuit warnings and LVS shorts, but the Comparison results are clean

    I am running Calibre LVS. In my design I have some pins which are shorted to VDD or to GND. In the netlist generated it uses the *.CONNECT statement to do the same.         *.CONNECT out1 VSS ...
    last modified by varunmj
  • LVS_calibre

    Hi guys I have just begin using Mentor Graphics  and I find it difficult to run the LVS. The following warnings appear: Warning: # 1 in int_2 WARNING: Invalid PATHCHK request "! POWER": no POWER nets present, o...
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  • Calibre DRC: Unique Concatenation value of text labels

    I was having some issues trying to find a closure to the DRC algorithm: Not sure if combination of DFM TEXT and other commands can solve this?   There is one text label say("X") on each Layer1 polygon There is ...
    last modified by samk
  • Monte Carlo Analysis Help needed..

    I am facing trouble with running montecarlo analysis in Pyxis schematic entry, i am trying to do a simple experiment of a CMOS inverter dc sweep analysis. I need to perform monte carlo simulations for this test bench....
    last modified by ph10pe04
  • DFM Fill optimization to prefer avoiding shapes on a different layer

    Hi, I'm trying to create a custom fill procedure with Calibre, using DFM Fill (and its friends).  I would like to discourage (but not prohibit) Calibre from filling one layer in the same area where another l...
    last modified by tross
  • Calibre view generation with 2017 version is throwing the following error.

    HI,   My calibre tool version is updated from 2013.2_18.13  to 2017.3_29.23 recently.Calibre PEX view generation with 2017.3_29.23  is throwing the following error     'Calibre view genera...
    last modified by anandmohancec
  • Calibre LVS - excluding standard cell from lvs

    Hi I am using Calibre for verification and I am new to Calibre. I am trying to run LVS for a chip layout. There are standard cells and IO pads in the design. I have given the Layout as gdsii and schematic as cdl...
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  • How to get polygon coordinate (SVRF)

    Hello,   Design Manual team has added a rule where we should check coordinates of polygon 's extent; I know I must use DFM PROPERTY but I'm stuck...I am able to get polygon's extent, I can also get small po...
    last modified by chris_st
  • Could not esatblish connection with calibre interactive on socket localhost 7000

    Dear All,   While running DRC i am getting following error:- Could not esatblish connection with calibre interactive on socket localhost 7000\   And I am NOT able to RVE results. How this can be fixed ? ...
    last modified by manas
  • Back annotation for wire RC

    Hi, I have got the RC extraction values from PEX simulation. My testing circuit is very simple and there is a difference between schematic and post-layou simulation due to wire RC. So I subsititute wire RC back to my...
    last modified by popoyoho
  • how to use foreach loop in calibre svrf, using tvf::commands?

    Hi,   I want to use foreach loop in calibre svrf coding. I know that it can be done using tvf. May i Know the syntax to use foreach loop in svrf coding.   Thanks, Venkatesh
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  • Two questions about testing with HDL designer

    Hello,   1. I have successfully created a test bench with HDL designer, and I use Modelsim to simulate. By pressing the Modelsim icon and selecting "through components" I can simulate my design. My question is ...
    created by talnaim
  • TSMC 65nm PDK CRN65 with Calibre LVS/DRC/PEX

    My main questions have to do with the differences between the flow of doing LVS/DRC/PEX for Analog Design (ie. opamp layout and other analog circuits) vs. the RFIC flows (LNA, Mixer etc) where the foundry modelled pce...
    last modified by growingmind
  • calibre LVS and ERC

     Hello i have encountered this problem when running LVS, i have checked the license and  it is working properly , any idea ? //  ERROR: The following products could not be licensed sufficiently: //...
    last modified by moustafa_ali
  • How to get the pin order wanted in my extraction netlist from Calibre xRC?

      How to get the pin order wanted in my extraction netlist from Calibre xRC?    
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  • MOS connected to both power and ground

    MOS connected to both power and ground. This is an ERC getting in my design . But my design is LVS clean . I check ed manually , there are no devices ( source ) connected to both Power and ground.    When w...
    created by chikku