• I am trying to simulate Monte carlo analysis but getting below error, can someone please help me

    ** Error: (eldo-63) In file "./DESIGN__13812_0TMP" line 24: + Unable to include file "\\dlg1th4s2\MODELS_LIBRARY\APN_MODEL_DATA\resistor\resistor\resistor.lib". ** Warning: (eldo-46) In file "C:\DPH_SVLIBS\SpiceLibrar...
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  • SV Queue Questa Waveform Display

    Mentor Questa Simulator   I am tying to display a System Verilog Queue in the waveform window (data_q[$]), but I get this message   # (vsim-4027) Logging is not supported for Queue item   Is there a ...
    created by t_ewins_qqrov
  • work empty

    i'm using modelSIM and i have a problem with work library everytime i compile my file my work library says its empty hoe can i solve this problem
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  • Issue with SystemC DPI tfdb file [ vsim error-2178 "A newer version (version 11) SystemC DPI tfdb file is present in current work library. The software only expects tfdb file with version 10 or below"]

    I have a perl script which has the below questasim line of code in it:- //////////////////////////////////////////////////         ...       ... &#...
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  • Simulation error due to Non-convergence

    how to resolve #convergence problems: There are some very #small-resistors which can cause non-convergence They are: X1I4594.R14 1.400000e-012 X1I4627.R14 1.400000e-012 X1I57.R1 4.200000e-010 REX1I103.Q1 1.000000e-00...
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  • Issue with real number constraint in  Questasim simulation

    There is Issue with   constraint   which is declared as real in SV with 10.3d_1 Compiler 2014 .The issue is not present with new version ie 2019 series . Can you share some  way to  ...
    created by ryst
  • Oasys  Retiming Operations: Is it possible for  pipeline registers to be  automatically pushed through the combinational logic accross module hierarchy ?

    Hi ,  I am using first time Oasys Retiming Operations and my RTL is hierarchical.   Is it possible to   include pipeline registers inserted in the RTL, top module and to achieve,  ...
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  • Questa vsim +nosdferror option , is it dangerous to use ?

    Hi,  I have a question about gate level simulation with back annotation using Questa.   As described in Questa manuals, I have a situation that I cannot start simulation because of errors by the SDF annota...
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  • showing "missing ports" in RVE,

    showing "missing ports" in RVE, I have checked the layer map file its mapped correctly still I could not able to find the solution.can anyone help here?
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  • Does tessent support mram bist insertion?

    Does tessent support mram bist insertion now?
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  • ERROR: Error ..undefined layer name parameter: ERC_ESDBJT_FLTPW.

    Hi all,  I am a newbie in Calibre LVS checking.  Today, when I check LVS for an IP with BCD1370 Calibre LVS version, the execution could not complete due to the error below: ERROR: Error RES2 on l...
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  • About *.tcelllib library format

    Hi, I see an instruction for starting flow with tessent on mentor website as follows: Link : Siemens Digital Industry Software: Sign In  set_context dft -rtl read_cell_library ../library/adk.tcelllib set_d...
    created by n_pham_dacxw
  • Writing out extracted net into one GDS

    Hi, I'm trying to write out extracted net geometries into a single gds but Calibre does not compile.  I need to suffix the cell to differentiate based on the nets and that is probably what it does not like. ...
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  • Undefine module issue in Gatelevel design flow

    Hi,   I have a problem when using the Gate level design flow with tessent.     + My flow is below: set_context dft -no_rtl read_liberty standard_cell.lib read_liberty macro1.lib   read_verilo...
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  • How to find floating metals in layout using SVRF?

    How to find floating metals (metals that are not connected to diffusion or poly or pins) in layout using SVRF? 
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  • how to define drawing layer as a pin

    Hi i want to define drawing layer also as a pin.   example below is the way i assign metal text as a pin   /////////////////////////////// // Map TEXT layer to port names /////////////////////////////// TE...
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  • How to make lvs recognize metal drawing as text rather use text drawing.

    hi    i have this issue, lvs not recognize AA6 as a pin because it use same layer metal1 drawing same goes to the rectangle metal 1 drawing. in my lvs rules deck I add new line to make sure lvs recognize...
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  • how to add metal layer

    Hi I write this script but its wrong some where please advice?   /////////////////////////////////// // LAYER DERIVATIONS AND OPERATIONS /////////////////////////////////// //----------------------------- // Defi...
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  • DFM PROPERTY in LVS command file

    Dear All,   There is a message when I running LVS:   //  Applying licensing  policy... //  calibrehlvs license  acquired. //  calibrelvs license  acquired.   //  Warn...
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  • how to extract cc between TSV and SI

    hi,guys   how to extract cc between SI and TSV with ox insulator = {{0.2,4.1}} ?  I build the mipt but didn't extract any capacitance between them. I state "PEX MAP substrate SI" and "CONNECT SI", and att...
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