• verilog hierarchy syntax

    Hi all,   Could you please tell how to describe the following hierarchy so that Questa can recognize?     I've used the hierarchy in do file:   tcheck_set ***.dfi_top_wrapper_U0/\RC_CG_HIER_INST...
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  • Help with FATAL ERROR: Rules file must contain a CAPACITANCE ORDER statement

    In my current pdk, I do not have a CAPACITANCE ORDER statement in my rules file for CalibrexRC. Is there an example of this statement I can add to my rules file to enable a PEX verification run?   Currently usi...
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  • periodic ac analysis in mentor design architect-ic

    Hi all,   I'm using mentor design architect v2008.2_7.1 to simulate a switched capacitive filter. As you know, I need to utilize periodic AC analysis rather than "normal" AC analysis. Even if there are some prov...
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  • ERROR(130): Incorrect MASK SVDB DIRECTORY options for this function.

    Hi All, I am doing a Calibre query using this command for QRC. calibre2017 -query /home/marben/GF55/GF_stuff/Components/cmos10lpe_CDS_oa_dl064_15_20170731/DRC_LVS_Run_Area/svdb pcd_inv_L -query_input query_cmd | tee...
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  • Hierarchy LVS problem when using xcells to do hierarchical extraction

    Hi everyone,   I want to use hierarchical extraction for my design. I run LVS alone with hcells and it is right. But when I use the same hcells to run LVS in xRC, it turns out that my LVS is wrong. I set the hce...
    created by jiaqi
  • Error with Calibre PEX using IBM PDK

    Hello,   This is an update from my previous message in this community: https://communities.mentor.com/thread/22601   I am now using an updated version of Cadence (1.6.7.b where b = base version) and an up...
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  • Questa formal - synchronizing signals

    hi i'm using Questa formal tool Version 10.7b_1. my question is: is there a way to force all signals to sync with the posedge of a clock (some "netlist" or anything else)?   thanks, Gidon 
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  • Calibre LVS: How to compare the intrinsic diode (parasitic diode btw nwell & psub) area in LVS?

    Hi I'm trying to extract the intrinsic Nwell- Psub diode area for accurate modelling. How can I make Calibre LVS to recognise the intrinsic diodes and compare the diode area against a schematic model?   Thanks.
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  • Xilinx libsystemctlm-soc support with Questa 2019.1

    Hello,   I’m trying to put in place a QEMU/TLM co-simulation environment with Questa 2019.1 for Xilinx Zynq-7000 platform. For this purpose, Xilinx provides the libsystemctlm-soc library which is basically...
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  • Calibre drc execution using multiple drc rule files

    Hi,   I have 3 different calibre drc rule files ( one main drc rule deck and 2 patch files), which I am currently running 3 times to verify my block. Is there any way that I can run all the 3 rule files in one s...
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  • create SRPG pattern with EDT

    how to create SRPG pattern with EDT enabled
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  • LVS BOX does not bypass subckt for custom cell

    To whom it may concern,   I have designed my own inductor using EMX with ports and an extracted DC model of a resistor between the IN and OUT ports of the inductor.   My process includes a RES layer whic...
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  • instantiation input value

    hi everyone i need some help to understand some problem, the compiler don't refer to the value in the parentheses.   i.e: "xxxxx"  module name ( clock  ( any input ), ... ... )   for "any input" ...
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  • Simulating Vivado IP in Questa

    Hi, I have a project in Vivado 2017.3 with Vivado IP in the design. The simulation script for Questa is also generated by the tool.  .... \project_1\project_1.ip_user_files\sim_scripts\design_1 The complete ...
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  • Calibre RVE Highlighting Errors with particular colors

    Hi I am using the following RVE settings   from Cadence Virtuoso I am loading Calibre RVE . I have only 4 different errors/rule checks violations which needs to be highlighted in 4 different colors.(I am load...
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  • HDL Designer Altera Megawizard problem

    Hello all,   I would like to add "Tri-speed-ethernet" IP to HDL Designer that I generated from Altera Megawizard. I used the flow inside the HDL Designer and imported my IP variation file but when I try to make ...
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  • RVE DRC 'Check Text' column - hide rule file pathname?

    The 'check text' column seems to always show the rule file pathname, once for each row / for each rulecheck.  This takes up a lot of real estate on the screen.  Is there a way to show the check text column w...
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  • Error with Calibre DRC/PEX using IBM PDK

    Hello,   I am using a fairly recent IBM PDK with Calibre 2011 and Cadence IC6.1.4 - both of which are fairly old, probably before the PDK was created.   PDK says it was tested with Cadence IC6.1.7 and Cali...
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  • How to delete polygones in a certain rectangle on toplevel

    I have a big Layout und I would like to delete all layers in a certain rectangle. First I would like to get "automatically" which layers are inside that rectangle. Secondly I want to delete them all.   The imp...
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  • LVS comparison hyperscaling

    What are the benefits of using -hyper cmp option for LVS run? This was used to see any benefits for run time reduction for full chip LVS. The runtime increases by 5.5 hrs as compare to no cmp run.
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