• Allow Alpha-only reference designators Functional failure

     Allow Alpha-only reference designators Functional failure
    created by huagnxiuqin
  • Pin Sequence Numbers in PADS DX Designer VX.2 Integrated Library

    I have been trying to wrap my head around the concept of "Pin Sequence Numbers" in PADS DX Designer VX.2 Integrated Library and it doesn't make any sense.  I put my thoughts and findings in attached PDF document....
    created by sijjow
  • Moving to China for 2 years...

    Hello,   I have the opportunity to move to Shanghai or Guangzhou for a 2 years posting. As my customer are outside China how difficult or easy it will be to work. I normally rely on  Dropbox and Hightail fo...
    created by aleropcb
  • Xpedition发现的一些问题

    1:xpcb Layout VX.1的Draw模式下,对一个图形做一些编辑后,比如Subtract后,再移动这个图形的边框或者定点,Draw Grid经常就失效了,明明已经设定了0.1的格点,但他却变成了无网格移动。以前EE7.9的版本中就有这个问题,但以前的版本如果发生这个问题后,从Draw模式切换到Place或者Route模式再切换回来就会好了。但这个xPCB Layout VX.1的新版本这样却不行,有时候即使重启xPCB ...
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  • drc check error

    Hai,         I Routed a pcb completely and I am getting an error while running drc check the drc check is running smoothly after drc check is complete i clicked on review hazards ...
    created by agxinmj

    Hai ,         I need to generate a bom from the schematic created in this tool i went to other utilities and selected cdb to bom and generated a bom the bom generated has some d...
    created by agxinmj
  • Impedance data

    Using Expedition PCB is there an automated way to uniquely identify impedance controls to the fabricator? (Value, width, layer) Use of unique trace widths and notes on fabrication drawings is what I want to avoid. Pos...
    created by rpashfo
  • bom report writer

    Hai ,             how to create a crosstabed query to extract report to fom pcb eg(bom with top bottom part number and quantity) regards AGXIN.J
    created by agxinmj
  • 哪里能找到EE7.9.4的新特性的资料呀?

    如题,有哪位大虾知道吗? 感谢
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