• Remap the keyboard shortcut "Pan to center"

    How can I remap the keyboard shortcut "Pan to center" by key "Insert" to the close-by key "End"? I have tried solving it myself from Pads user guides but is doesn't work what ever I try! Is the "Pan to center" hard co...
    created by honk
  • S parameter port assigning

    Hello,   I am new to using hyperlynx and other models. I have a doubt regarding S parameters. The S parameter I am using is of 24 port. How can I use it for simulation?   Thanks, Nilam
    created by nilamv
  • Limiting the used memory for ElecNet?

    Hello everybody,   is there a way, so that I can limit the memory used by elecnet/magnet/thermnet somehow? I've read through the Guide and the Help document but couldn't find anything.   Would be great if...
    created by florian_ainhirn
  • Tables on drawing generated using Plug in  gets disappear when user makes any change in Design.

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    created by khakaresatish
  • Pin Sequence Numbers in PADS DX Designer VX.2 Integrated Library

    I have been trying to wrap my head around the concept of "Pin Sequence Numbers" in PADS DX Designer VX.2 Integrated Library and it doesn't make any sense.  I put my thoughts and findings in attached PDF document....
    created by sijjow
  • compilation output format

    at the past when I compiled a block ("foo.vhd") under the work library I had library called "foo" and under this library i had files: _primary.dat ,_primary.dbs, arch_name.dat, arch_name.dbs. In that way all block h...
    created by nimi10
  • Creo 2.0 to Capital XC

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    created by vipindimri
  • FinFET circuit design in Mentor Pyxis

    I am using Pyxis, AMS and Calibre. In 130nm library I could not find the symbols for FinFET. Can I generate a model of FinFET in Mentor Graphics? In TCAD (tool provided by Synopsys), we  can model a device, and i...
    created by prafulramesh
  • Speed BOM

    Hello,          What is meant by speed BOM in electronics Manufacturing Unit ? One of the customer asking whether we have handle speed BOM ,this is the new term for me ,apprecia...
    created by sabitha.jamal