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Do you know how to download a current copy of your license file anytime you need it? Please have a look at this short video, How to Download Authorization Codes (Licenses) (video), that demonstrates how it's done.

Click the link below to access information, including videos, for installing and configuring licensing for the PADS Flow:


PADS Install and Licensing

There's an updated Calibre Platform Support Overview and Roadmap available in the System Requirements area of SupportNet. Requires a SupportNet login.

Our Mentor License Utility contains functionality that automates the configuration of a Mentor license server on Windows. The following doc contains a video that shows you how it's done:


How to configure my Windows machine as the license server (video)

If you get a licensing error from one of your applications, aside from ensuring licenses are available and searchingSupportNet for the error message, you can use our Mentor License Utility (MLU) to generate a detailed diagnostic report that may help you or one of our CAEs determine the root cause.


Please take a moment to watch the video demonstration for Generating a Run-time Diagnostic Report with the Mentor License Utility (video).