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As your licenses approach their expiry date, you may see warnings when you start an application. These warnings are simply to alert you to take action soon regarding updating your license file. The Warning message: "The following product options expire in fewer than 30 days" (video) doc contains a video and some advice for how to clear these warnings and continue using your application successfully.

Application environments can become complex with multiple software applications sharing the same system resources and DLLs. Occasionally, a DLL may be replaced or registered by the operating system that is incompatible with a particular version of an application. Dependency Walker is a useful utility that allows you to find the DLLs used by an application and possibly identify the source of a problem. You can use theHow to generate Dependency Walker log files for Customer Support doc, including a video demonstration, to identify these problems on your own or speed up the resolution by provided a Dependency Walker log file to Customer Support.

The Licensing and Installation team wants to recognize Licensing and Installation community members who embody the spirit we are trying to develop: Mentor Graphics users helping other users by regularly sharing their expertise, suggestions and insights. Every month we will highlight a member whose contributions have helped to create a useful, strong, and thriving community. 


What is a Member of the Month?

A Member of the Month is a Mentor Graphics community member who willingly and regularly shares helpful knowledge and expertise with other members. These contributions will 1) be useful in helping to address a question, and/or 2) add to the knowledge of the overall community on licensing and installation issues for Mentor Graphics products.


How can you become a Member of the Month?

Every month, the Mentor Graphics Licensing and Installation team will select one member who has demonstrated active, regular participation in the community.  Answering or asking questions, voluntarily sharing information that they feel might be helpful to others, adding insights to responses from Mentor Graphics support engineers, and offering best practices are all ways to be recognized as a Member of the Month.  Each Member of the Month has shown a commitment to improving the community through their contributions, helpful manner, and participation.


What are the benefits of being a Member of the Month?

As a Member of the Month, you will be highlighted on the community homepage along with a profile about yourself and your contributions to the community.  You will also receive other rewards which will vary based on availability (examples may include: Mentor Graphics tote bag, daily planner, thermos, access to special webinars, and more.

Many of your licensing environments are simple enough for you to "set it and forget it". Some may be more complex, involving local license files and pointers to floating servers on the network. Changes may occur over time that require you to point to new license files/servers or reorder them to improve performance and editing your licensing variables on Windows can be difficult. Fortunately, we have two utilities that makes this much easier. Below are links to videos that demonstrate how you can edit your license environment using the Advanced Environment Editor within the Mentor Install Program and using the Mentor License Utility:


Using the Advanced Environment Editor for Licensing (video)


Using the Mentor License Utility to query and edit the licensing environment (video)