Introducing the "Member of the Month"

Blog Post created by Community_Admin on May 8, 2012

The Licensing and Installation team wants to recognize Licensing and Installation community members who embody the spirit we are trying to develop: Mentor Graphics users helping other users by regularly sharing their expertise, suggestions and insights. Every month we will highlight a member whose contributions have helped to create a useful, strong, and thriving community. 


What is a Member of the Month?

A Member of the Month is a Mentor Graphics community member who willingly and regularly shares helpful knowledge and expertise with other members. These contributions will 1) be useful in helping to address a question, and/or 2) add to the knowledge of the overall community on licensing and installation issues for Mentor Graphics products.


How can you become a Member of the Month?

Every month, the Mentor Graphics Licensing and Installation team will select one member who has demonstrated active, regular participation in the community.  Answering or asking questions, voluntarily sharing information that they feel might be helpful to others, adding insights to responses from Mentor Graphics support engineers, and offering best practices are all ways to be recognized as a Member of the Month.  Each Member of the Month has shown a commitment to improving the community through their contributions, helpful manner, and participation.


What are the benefits of being a Member of the Month?

As a Member of the Month, you will be highlighted on the community homepage along with a profile about yourself and your contributions to the community.  You will also receive other rewards which will vary based on availability (examples may include: Mentor Graphics tote bag, daily planner, thermos, access to special webinars, and more.