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The value of manuals is frequently overlooked, especially with respect to FlexNet licensing. The basics of licensing are covered as well as customizations like using and options file to control license consumption. It's all there. Take a look at our  manuals to ensure your success in managing your license envionrment.


Licensing Mentor Graphics Software

FlexNet License Admistrator's Guide

As of the SDD 7.9.3 PCB flows, new functionality allows you to install your documentation in a shared location and access it seamlessly from our PCB applications.


The Shared Document Location (video) provides an overview of how to take advantage of this useful option.

Learn some of the best practices and pitfalls to avoid that will help your installation of the PADS Flow go smoothly.


Best practices for a successful PADS Flow installation

If you have floating licenses, you're required to edit the SERVER and DAEMON lines in your license file when configuring a license server.


Common Licensing Problems describes some common mistakes and their respective symptoms, which can lead to some challenging troubleshooting. If you encounter problems when setting up your license server, you may want to check this list.

System requirements are listed  on the Systems Requirements page on Supportnet and you can query system requirementst by platform or release with the Platform Query Tool.