Tip of the Week: HDL Designer 2012.1 Needs New License Feature

Blog Post created by guy_wettstein on Aug 5, 2012

Beginning with the 2012.1 release of HDL Designer Series, new licenses will be required for HDL Designer and any product bundle containing HDL Designer in order to enable new technology in this and  future releases. There is no change to the licensing of HDL Author or any bundle containing HDL Author. Please note that your new license is required to enable DesignChecker and the new Register Assistant capabilities in the 2012.1 HDL Designer release.


The HDL Designer license has changed from the atomic feature line of hdldesignerpro to the composite license feature of hdldesigner_c. This new hdldesigner_c composite will initially contain the atomics hdldesignerpro, regassistopt, and hdlchecker. More atomics may be added in future releases, at which time the composite will be updated via the mgc.pkginfo file.


For existing HDL Designer users, please note that the current hdldesignerpro atomic license should be upgraded to the new hdldesigner_c composite license for use with 2012.1 version of the software. This upgrade is required in order to enable the existing Design Checking capability and also the new Register Assistant feature.


Note: This change is only required if you are using HDL Designer and does not apply to other HDL Designer Series configurations  (eg HDL Author).


To obtain your new composite license features please follow these steps:


  1. Navigate to SupportNet:
  2. Log in as usual. (If you do not have a SupportNet login, fill out the simple form at:
  3. Select “Licenses” under “My Account” in the upper left part of the window.
  4. Select “Current Authorization Codes”.
  5. Enter your site ID.
  6. Download the new license file with new authcode feature lines.


Using the new composite license with pre-2012.1 versions of HDL Designer


Once you have the new HDL Designer composite license (whether as an upgrade to an existing HDL Designer license or a new purchase of HDL  Designer), in order to run earlier versions of HDL Designer, you will need to update the mgc.pkginfo file used by these previous installations. This will allow the licensing mechanism to locate the hdldesignerpro license feature within the new composite.


The following technote/video explains how to update the mgc.pkginfo file:



Source: MG578957