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Application  environments can become complex with multiple software applications  sharing the same system resources and DLLs. Occasionally, a DLL may be  replaced or registered by the operating system that is incompatible with  a particular version of an application. Dependency Walker is a useful  utility that allows you to find the DLLs used by an application and  possibly identify the source of a problem. You can use the How to generate Dependency Walker log files for Customer Support doc, including a video demonstration, to identify these problems on  your own or speed up the resolution by provided a Dependency Walker log  file to Customer Support.

The PADS9.5 release ships with newer licensing based on FlexNet 11.10. Please read the important details inImportant licensing changes in PADS9.5 Important licensing changes in PADS9.5 to determine if any action is required of you before installing PADS9.5.

It may seem very basic but there is more to setting a variable on Windows than just knowing where to click.


Whether you already know where variables are set or you don't, the How to set or edit an environment variable on Windows community doc will serve as a good reference for how to accomplish this frequently required task.

Have you ever wondered what each field in your license is for? The Anatomy of a License File doc explains what each field does and will give you a better understanding of how your license environment works.