Tip of the Week: Keeping Your License Server Ahead of Your Apps.

Blog Post created by guy_wettstein on Feb 24, 2013

Mentor Graphics applications using floating licenses depend on a license server running a version of FlexNet that is equal to or greater than the version of FlexNet the client application was built with. Also, our vendor daemon (mgcld) requires a FlexNet License Manager daemon (lmgrd) that is equal to or greater than the version of FlexNet our vendor daemon was built on. Failing to follow these requirements in your environment can lead strange behavior and a loss of productivity. Some symptoms may include:


  • Error "Vendor daemon is too old."
  • Checkout failures without a specific error message.
  • Failure of the license server to start.
  • Failure to write the report log.
  • Incorrect license counts.


What this boils down to is the importance of keeping your license server one step ahead of your applications. You can check the release notes for the Mentor Graphics applications you're running to determine license server version requirements. Furthermore, when updating your license server, you must ensure that you update both the lmgrd and mgcld.



Download the latest release of Mentor Standard Licensing, including verifying your daemon versions and updating your server:

Updating Your Licensing Manager (Server) on Windows (Video)