Tip of the Week: Finding Large Files on Windows 7

Blog Post created by guy_wettstein on May 5, 2013

Is your disk space getting low? Is Windows warning you about disk space on your C: drive? Large files can be written in places your may not expect and then forgotten. The following is a simple procedure to help you quickly locate the large files that are consuming the disk space you need for other things:


  1. Open Windows Explorer (Windows key+E)
  2. Select the drive you wish to search
  3. In the Search Computer field in the upper right type size:gigantic
  4. As you type, a drop down list may appear giving you other options like Huge, Large, etc...  2013-05-03_160518.png
  5. Press Enter and the search will begin



Once the results are displayed you may sort the results or change the View to list details about the files, including the Folder Path which will help you decide what you can safely delete. And when I say safely, I mean you should be sure you know the file is safe to delete. ;-)


Feel free to share your feedback or your own tips about finding large files in the comments.