Tip of the Week: Preventing the Configurator from Running

Blog Post created by ken_foster on May 19, 2013

When you install products from SDD releases (PADS, EE, BSXE, etc) the default action on Windows platforms is to automatically run the Configurator utility. This utility registers dlls, prompts the user for information to set environment variables, creates Start Menu entries and desktop icons for some applications.  


For a variety of reasons, running the Configurator during the install process may not be desirable. You may be installing a software tree to be used for a client/server installation, and have no need to run any of the tools on the machine used as a server. Or perhaps you are an administrator installing software on a system image, and the intent is to have the person receiving the newly imaged system run the Configurator.


Regardless, this is easily done by setting a system environment variable:




When this variable is set, the installer extracts all the packages but does not configure the system. This can be done at a later time by opening a command shell, going to the C:\MentorGraphics\win32 directory, and running the configurator.exe command.


Note that you must make sure the SDD_NOCONFIG variable has been removed, otherwise the Configurator will not run, as instructed by the presence of the variable.