Tip of the Week: Hyperlynx installs both 64-bit and 32-bit binaries

Blog Post created by JoyM on May 26, 2013

Generally, the 64-bit version of HyperLynx 8.2 offers an important advantage over the 32-bit version: it can utilize much more memory, which may be important for large designs or simulations. However, some features in HyperLynx 8.2 are not available in the 64-bit version.

On Windows, the 32-bit version is automatically installed when you install the 64-bit version. You can start the 32-bit version specifically from the Windows program menu Start > Mentor Graphics SDD > HyperLynx 8.2 32-Bit > HyperLynx Simulation Software. On Linux, you must install the 32-bit version separately. i.e., it is not installed automatically with the 64-bit version.

Features not supported in the 64-bit version of HyperLynx 8.2:
•File > Run eDxD / eExp View (i.e., viewing of Mentor CCE layout or schematic files)
•File > Open, for file type eDxd/eExp Files (*.cce) (i.e., loading of CCE files into BoardSim)
•In BoardSim, Export > HyperLynx 3D EM Topology (i.e., exporting from BoardSim to the HyperLynx 3D EM full-wave solver). See Technote MG567226 for more details.
•In BoardSim, in the generic batch wizard’s Net Selection Spreadsheet, the Import from CES button (i.e., importing CES constraints into BoardSim)
•In BoardSim, Models > Assign Models/Values by Reference Designator > Import from CES (i.e., importing CES model assignments into BoardSim)
•In LineSim, Export > Constraint Template with Update CES with Generated Template enabled (i.e., pushing a constraint template directly from LineSim into CES)
•IBIS-AMI models that are compiled as 32-bit libraries must run in the 32-bit version of HyperLynx.