Tip of the Week: Important Changes in New Licensing Release

Blog Post created by guy_wettstein on Jun 9, 2013

Mentor Standard Licensing v2013_2 is now available for download on SupportNet. This release contains a number of important benefits and key changes detailed below.



Reasons to update your license server:


  • Update from FlexNet v11.10.0.3 to v11.11.1.1. As applications that build with Mentor Standard Licensing (MSL) v2013_2 ship, they will require license servers running or newer. It's advisable to update your license servers in advance of these product releases. You do not need to update anything if you are using Mobile Compute (uncounted) licenses.
  • Support added for AIX v6.1, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. Note: This applies to the licensing software only. For support information regarding specific product releases, please refer to the System Requirements on SupportNet. 
  • Support added for Consistent Network Device Naming (em0, em1, p1s3, etc...) on Linux
  • Stability improvements
  • Numerous defect fixes





Key Changes:


  • Red Hat EL 4 and SuSe SLES 9 are no longer supported. MSL v2013_2 will not run on these platforms.
  • Support for some hardware keys (dongles) has been  discontinued. If you are using a hardware key as your  license server's hostid, you may need to request a replacement key.  Please refer to for more information. As of MSL v2013_2, only the Aladdin USB FLEXid 9- key is supported. This is the teal-colored USB key.



Information about downloading MSL v2013_2 can be found in TechNote MG66951.*


*Requires SupportNet login.