Tip of the Week: Maintaining multiple WDIR locations (by release)

Blog Post created by andrew_audova on Jul 14, 2013

Some of the files under the WDIR (for example: user.cns) are not compatible with all versions of SDD (EE/BSXE/PADS/IND) Flow software, and in some cases can actually cause applications to crash. For this reason it is advisable to maintain a different WDIR location for each release. Here is a simple technique for doing so:


  • Create a Configurator.ini file. Place this file in a folder of your choice, although C:\MentorGraphics\win32 is a good and simple to find location (same directory as the Configurator.exe).
    • See below format, which will create a C:\WDIR\<release> for each release that you configure to. For example, C:\WDIR\7.9.5EE and C:\WDIR\9.5PADS, for EE7.9.5 and PADS9.5, respectively.
    • All three lines must appear in order for the WDIR to get set correctly. Change the MGLS_LICENSE_FILE to the port@host (or local file path) for your licensing environment.








With this setup in place, every time you run the Configurator to switch versions the WDIR will change to the appropriate release-specific folder.


For more details and other WDIR switching techniques, refer to pages 98-104 of the attached Managing Mentor Graphics Systems Software (EE7.9.5) manual.