Tip of the Week: Utilities For Testing License Checkout

Blog Post created by guy_wettstein on Sep 8, 2013

When starting or troubleshooting a  license server, it's handy to have a way to verify a license checkout  without having to run an application. We have two utilities to help you  do just that.


On Linux we use the mgls_ok utility. Most applications have the mgls_ok utility  located within the application tree's bin directory. However, you may  need to set the MGLS_HOME variable to the application tree or the mgls  package within it. For a standalone licensing tree, set MGLS_HOME to the  top level folder (e.g.: mgls_v9-7_2-3-0.ixl). You'll also need to copy  the mgc.pkginfo file to the lib directory. You can download that here. Make sure your MGLS_LICENSE_FILE variable is set to your license file or license server (port@host).


Once  you have the the MGLS_HOME and MGLS_LICENSE_FILE variables set and the  mgc.pkginfo file copied, the command to check out a license feature is  simple:


     $ $MGLS_HOME/bin/mgls_ok msimhdlsim

     Checking availability of "msimhdlsim".

     License granted through "msimhdlsim".



On Windows,  we use the pcls_ok utility which provides a GUI. With the licensing  software installed, you can access the pcls_ok utility from the Start  Menu> All Programs> Mentor Graphics Licensing> pcls_ok. You can  also navigate to C:\MentorGraphics\Licensing or possibly find pcls_ok  in your applications start menu or tree. Here's an example of the  pcls_ok interface:




The  nice thing about the pcls_ok interface is it shows you the value of  MGLS_LICENSE_FILE, which makes it easy to verify and know where you're  attempting to get licenses from.


To  check out a feature, just pick one from your license file and type or  paste it into the Feature: field. Then, click Apply. A successful  checkout will look like this:




If the checkout fails, A dialog will appear with an error message.