Tip of the Week: Quick Licensing Diagnostic

Blog Post created by guy_wettstein on Dec 22, 2013

We've previously discussed how to get fairly detailed debug information with the MGLS_DEBUG_LOG_DIR variable - Tip of the Week: Check requested license feature with debug. But sometimes a quick confirmation of the license checkout can be nice to see in the transcript. And, if anything fails, an error message will be right there.


The FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS variable is a simple way to show some debug information. Simply set FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS=3 in your environment and you should see something like the following in the shell where you invoked the application:


Checkout succeeded: msimhdlsim/9E204CB2CC009FD365DE

        License file: 1717@licserver

        License Server: 1717@licserver

License granted through "msimhdlsim".



I hope you find this useful. Be sure to share your own tips!