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Whether it's defining a path in an environment variable, a .ini file or in an application, typing a long path can be frustrating and is prone to typos that can cause problems for you to troubleshoot. Here is an easy of getting an accurate path to a folder into your paste buffer.


When you navigate with Windows Explorer to the folder for which you need the path, click in the field that shows the hierachy of folder names and it will become a path to that folder that you can copy and paste.



Everyone is probably familiar with using a wild card with the rm command to delete a large number of files in one go. For example, this command would remove all files that start with 'test' or end with '.c':


rm test.* *.c


It's very useful, but if you have a lot of files with dissimilar names, it can still be a bit tedious. In this Tip of the Week, I'll show you how to use an operator to specify which files not to remove.


Using the ! operator, I can make rm remove everything except what matches my command line arguments. The following command removes all files except those that start with 'test' or end with '.c':


rm !(test.*|*.c)


Give it a try!

What is the mgc.pkginfo file?


The mgc.pkginfo file contains the cross-reference information which describes what "atomic" licenses are included in "composite" features.


When does it need to be updated?


The mgc.pkginfo file needs to be updated when product bundling changes in a new release, and you want to use the new license in an older version of software.




Let me look at a example as a way to describe this in more detail:


Last year, Expedition introduced a "dual" license which enables either Design Capture or DxDesigner to be run.  The new license is called "wgdxd_c".


This "wgdxd_c" composite contains both "wgdsncap" (for Design Capture) and "viewdraw" (for DxDesigner).  The composite license "wgdxd_c" is then checked out when either tool requests a license.


The latest release of software already knows about this new license (because the mgc.pkginfo file supplied with that release contains the information) but what about older software releases?


If you want to use the new "wgdxd_c" license with older releases of software, you will need to update your old software tree with a new version of mgc.pkginfo.


How do I update mgc.pkginfo?


Technote MG504224 contains an automated method of updating the file, and a link to the latest file along with a manual method (if you prefer that method).