Tip of the Week: Measuring Network Latency on Linux

Blog Post created by guy_wettstein on Mar 2, 2014

Last week, Ken Foster showed us how to use psping on for measuring network latency on Windows - Tip of the Week: Measuring Network Latency. On Linux you can use ping with specific options to achieve similar results.


For example:


     ping -U -q -c 300 -s 1200




The options are as follows:


-U display full user-to-user latency, not just network round trip time.


-q Print only the first line and the summary


-c The number requests to send at one second intervals (300 = 5 minutes worth)


-s The number of bytes sent for each ping


rtt is ‘round trip time’. The values that follow are the minimum, average, and maximum latency values in milliseconds.



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Tip of the Week: Measuring Network Latency