Tip of the Week: Vacation Reading!

Blog Post created by david_leslie on Jun 29, 2014

With the vacation season approaching fast, can I recommend some interesting articles on Mentor's blog pages.


Alternatively, you could take a look while waiting for software to load (as this is the Licensing / Installation community!)


The range of topics never ceases to amaze me. Recent topics have included:


  • Turning on a red signal - which is normal practice in USA, but illegal in the UK.
  • Internet connected ECG monitors - probably required by any passengers in a car making an illegal turn.
  • Wireless recharging of electric busses - safer for everyone on the road.
  • How to heat your home office for 8p (14 cents) a day - if it is too dangerous to go out.


Take a look at http://www.mentor.com/blogs/   I'm sure there will be something that will interest you.