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Now that PADS VX.0 is available for download on SupportNet, here are some key links to determine if your license file will run the release, and what else you need to know to get up and running successfully:


Which PADS Flow release am I entitled to use?


Download the latest copy of your site's license file (on SupportNet)


PADS VX.0: Learn more about licensing and infrastructure changes (on SupportNet)


PADS Installation and Licensing FAQ  (on SupportNet)

With the MSL v2014_1 release, we now have a 100% 64-bit MGLS for Linux x64. This means that for your Mentor license server, you no longer have to load 32-bit OS compatibility libraries to run MGLS.


You can download the latest MGLS for Linux x64 from SupportNet.

Mentor Graphics products built on 32-bit Linux platforms can run on a 64-bit OS, but they still require 32-bit runtime libraries. On RHEL 6 the 32-bit libraries are not included with the media, but they are available using the same methods used to update the OS software.


The default configuration for yum only updates and installs 64-bit packages, unless you specify the 32-bit packages you want. If you configure the multilib policy, you can update and install 32-bit packages automatically whenever the 64-bit packages are updated.


Set the configuration option multilib_policy=all in /etc/yum.conf. This enables the multilib policy as a system-wide policy.


Ken Foster

Mentor Graphics Customer Support

The main application tree is now version specific, ‘VNPI_94’, and the executable directory is now generically named, ‘edir’. For example: C:\MentorGraphics\Valor\VNPI_94\edir

The 'edir' directory is also the new location of the 'env' file.

With this version a new installation structure was implemented. Instead of installing in the traditional ‘eXX’ directory, a new directory structure starting with by default “VNPI_94” will be created (following version will adhere to this naming convention). Within this directory a generically named directory ‘edir’ will now contain the version specific executable. The VALOR_EDIR variable will then refer to this new ‘edir’ directory location.