Tip of the Week: There is a new executable directory location in vNPI 9.4

Blog Post created by JoyM on Jul 6, 2014

The main application tree is now version specific, ‘VNPI_94’, and the executable directory is now generically named, ‘edir’. For example: C:\MentorGraphics\Valor\VNPI_94\edir

The 'edir' directory is also the new location of the 'env' file.

With this version a new installation structure was implemented. Instead of installing in the traditional ‘eXX’ directory, a new directory structure starting with by default “VNPI_94” will be created (following version will adhere to this naming convention). Within this directory a generically named directory ‘edir’ will now contain the version specific executable. The VALOR_EDIR variable will then refer to this new ‘edir’ directory location.