Tip of the Week: Enable Multilib Support on RHEL 6

Blog Post created by ken_foster on Jul 14, 2014

Mentor Graphics products built on 32-bit Linux platforms can run on a 64-bit OS, but they still require 32-bit runtime libraries. On RHEL 6 the 32-bit libraries are not included with the media, but they are available using the same methods used to update the OS software.


The default configuration for yum only updates and installs 64-bit packages, unless you specify the 32-bit packages you want. If you configure the multilib policy, you can update and install 32-bit packages automatically whenever the 64-bit packages are updated.


Set the configuration option multilib_policy=all in /etc/yum.conf. This enables the multilib policy as a system-wide policy.


Ken Foster

Mentor Graphics Customer Support