Tip of the Week: Create Alias Names for License HostIDs

Blog Post created by andrew_audova on Jan 17, 2015

If you are tracking and maintaining licenses for multiple license servers and/or users, remembering which server or user has which HostID can be a challenge. The Mentor License Utility (MLU) provides a facility to create an ‘Alias’ for any given HostID.


Once the HostID alias has been created, any licenses that are downloaded or separated for the HostID using MLU, will be copied into a separate “By_Alias” folder, and the name of the license file will be the alias name. In addition, any time the HostID is referenced in the license file, or in any ‘install license’ dialogs, the alias name will appear in parenthesis next to the HostID.


For some examples of where you will see the alias name for a HostID, and to learn how to create a HostID Alias, refer to pages 69-75 in the MLU Users Manual (attached).


To download a copy of the Mentor License Utility v3.0 from SupportNet, click here.