Tip of the Week: Two new features of Windows 8.1: Quiet Hours and Automatic App Update

Blog Post created by JoyM on May 10, 2015

These two features are available in Windows 8.1:


Quiet Hours to Disable Notifications
A new feature of Windows 8.1 is the option to turn the notifications off or set a period of time for which the notifications may appear. During the Quiet Hours you will not receive alerts from IMs, texts or basic apps. To do this, go to Change PC settings, click on Search and Apps, select Notifications, and configure the relevant options.


Configure Automatic App Updates
Unlike Windows 8, app updates in Windows 8.1 will be automatically installed by default without the user’s consent. To stop this from happening, open Windows Store and access the Settings Charm menu – the charm must only be activated once in the Windows Store or else it will not display the required menus. In the Settings Charm menu, select Settings and navigate to App Updates. Enable or disable the option to automatically update apps.