Tip of the Week:Use mglaunch.exe to run wrapper scripts in VX releases

Blog Post created by andrew_audova on Aug 8, 2015

VX releases (for example: PADS VX.1.1) set very few environment variables as compared to pre-VX releases (PADS 9.5 and earlier). The only environment variables that get set are the MGLS_LICENSE_FILE and WDIR_<release>. For more details refer to Tip of the Week: Setting the WDIR in VX releases.

As a result of this change, any script that depends on the SDD_HOME (or similar) environment variable should use the 'mglaunch.exe' wrapper program to launch under the new Mentor command shell (SDD_HOME is available in this environment). Another alternative is to alter the paths in the script to no longer depend on the variable (i.e. use full paths).

Sample command using 'mglaunch.exe' (%SDD_HOME% path will resolve):

mglaunch.exe "C:\scripts\myMentorScript.bat"