• Questasim Installation Issue

    Hello, I have installed questasim 10.4e. But it is showing fatal license error, saying "Unable to checkout a viewer license necessary for use of the Questasim graphical user interface. Vsim is closing". kindly addres...
    created by deeps
  • urgent need help

    # # Please go to http://www.model.com and download an updated copy of the ModelSim PE Student Edition. # Error loading design   I have downloaded four times and put license in correct folder but still I am gett...
    created by kyuripark
  • Determining the Hostid for Licensing

    Note: For instructions specific to the PADS Flow software, please refer to How to verify and install/fix hardware key driver problems with PADS.   The term "hostid" simply refers to a number we can use for lic...
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  • How and when to upgrade the license server for PADS Flow applications (video)

    To determine whether an upgrade of the licensing software (lmgrd/mgcld) is required on the license server, refer to the table below. Note: The lmgrd and mgcld daemons are backwards compatible for PADS releases v2003 ...
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  • Which PADS Flow release am I entitled to use?

    Mobile Compute licenses (a.k.a. "Nodelocked uncounted") If an existing license file works for a prior PADS release, whether or not it will work for the most recent release depends on the version date of the licenses. ...
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  • Out of Memory Error [IPW401]

    Hi Sir, When I install VX.1, appear Out of Memory Error [IPW401], could you pls tell me how to solve?  
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  • pads vx2.1  or above software link

    hello any one have pads vx 2.1 or above version software link for download please help me
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  • QT installation in cygwin with readystart_arm_2014

    Hello team,   We have received readystart_arm_2014 with QT plugin. We are using iMX283 processor for our custom board.   After installing readystart_arm_2014 with QT plugin, the folder structure looks lik...
    created by bkundu
  • Fail to run Capital

    Every time I run CapitalLaunch.exe , it show the error information :     None of the environment variables CHS_2015_1_JAVA_HOME or JAVA_HOME are set. -------------------------------------------------...
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  • How can I download software in Support Center?

    I has registered an account in the Support Center, and the account also passed the mannually check, but I was still told that I have no access to the licensing software on the website of Support Center. So what should...
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  • System Requirements

    Please refer to the System Requirements page for information on the basic system requirements for the applications you intend to run as well as information on operating  systems statements, support statements and...
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  • SoftMEMS MEMS Pro Floating License Installation (for v9.0 and higher)

    Open video

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  • SoftMEMS MEMS Pro Mobile Compute License Installation (for v9.0 and higher)

    Open video

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  • SoftMEMS MEMS Pro Quick Tool Installation (for v9.0 and higher)

    Open video

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  • SoftMEMS MEMS Pro Installation Procedure (for v9.0 and higher)

    This procedure is only for installation of FlexNet versions of SoftMEMS MEMS Pro v9.0 and higher.  If you are running older (v8.2 or lower) SoftMEMS versions where the Mentor license was on Sentinel (you received...
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  • Suddenly unable to have multiple software keys / dongles inserted concurrently

    The Problem I am no longer able to run different CAD programs on my Windows 7 system concurrently. For years, I have run four CAD software programs (Cadence Orcad, Mentor PADS, Altera Quartus, Mentor Hyperlynx). I oft...
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  • PADS PCB Design software and regulated standards

    I work for a medical device company.  We design and manufacture medical devices. We are considering PADS PCB Design software for our engineers.  I had a question that I hope you can help me with.  I've ...
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  • Flexera Software FlexNet Publisher lmgrd contains a buffer overflow vulnerability

    Is there going to be an update to mgcld and lmgrd provided my MGC? The details of this issue are provided in this link: Vulnerability Note VU#485744 - Flexera Software FlexNet Publisher lmgrd contains a buffer overfl...
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  • Problem to generate pdf file

    Hello folks.   I'm trying to generate an smart pdf file from DxDesigner>File>Export>PDF. But come up the following popup How can I fix failure? Thanks in advance.   Att. Felipe Nascimento
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  • Tip of the Week: Setting the WDIR in VX releases

    The first time the Registrator runs (during the VX install) it prompts for the local WDIR folder location, and the value entered is stored into the WDIR_<product_root> environment variable. For example, PADS VX ...
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