• Check-in license without closing the tool-session

    Is there a command to check in the licenses used by a tool, and check them out again later to continue work on the same session? E.g. check in the license before leaving work, and check it out again next morning. I kn...
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  • Mentor Install: Installing an older version and clicking "Check Online" for the latest version does not show the correct latest version.

    Hello,   The latest version of the license software is currently "Licensing v2019_3 (FlexNet 11.16.4 / PCLS v9.22.3.1)".   I ran "Licensing v2019_1 (FlexNet 11.16.0 / PCLS v9.20.7.3)" on the Mentorgraphic...
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  • Tip of the Week: Reporting license version with lmstat

    The lmstat command will report the quantity of a particular feature with the -f option. However, if you have multiple versions of a license feature, they're rolled up into a single count by default. For example:  ...
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  • How to control license feature consumption to specify user in a multi-user team?

    Hi: We have got an issue about license consumptioin. How to control license feature consumption to specified user or ID in a multi-user team? License service system: Windows Server 2008 License toools: Lmtools, Fl...
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  • Team Layout VX2.3 License Requirements

    Does opening Team Layout VX2.3 require an additional Xpedition license?  We are new to Team Layout, and this seems to be the case.
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  • Make it easy to maintain configuration across installations

    I like to run Mentor (Pads Pro DX & Layout) at home and in the office. Every new install, every update and I have to reconfigure settings for colour scheme, toolbars etc. As I already have a common folder (WDIR) w...
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  • Use of EMC VNX SAN

    Hi, Has anybody had any experience of hosting the RSCM server data in mixed mode on anything other than a NetApp. thanks - Mike
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  • vNPI.win32.opt. utility Stopped Working

    Hi, I am using Valor NPI version 9.8 on window7. Whenever I use "Display Feature", my Valor is crashed and window error pop up as "vNPI.win32.opt. utility application has stopped working". Valor shut down after I c...
    created by duanenguyen
  • How to disable Catia and NX license in clientprops.xml

    Hi, I would like to disable license in the clientprops.xml for NX & Catia Bridges. What is the feature name for the licenses?   Thanks
    created by thomas.ruczynski
  • systemutils70.dll missing - to which product does it belong?

    Hi there,   while saving a DxD Design into Teamcenter the attached error appears. I think it may belong to PADS, which is not installed. How to get it?   BR, Thomas
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  • Tip of the Week: Mentor License Utility v3.0 (BETA) is now available!

    What's new in Mentor License Utility (MLU) v3.0?MLU version 3.0 (BETA) introduces many new and exciting functions. To name just a few: Install licenses directly from SupportNet From within the main MLU program but al...
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  • Installation of VX2

    Hello folks, anybody tried to install the new version VX2?   I start with installing the docs on a separate tree and I get a minidump. (I raised  SR2875816906) Then I tried with the main program, and the...
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  • PADS PCB Design software and regulated standards

    I work for a medical device company.  We design and manufacture medical devices. We are considering PADS PCB Design software for our engineers.  I had a question that I hope you can help me with.  I've ...
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  • Tracking Mentor Product licenses in FlexNet Manager

    We currently using FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications to centrally manage all the licenses we have for the various applications.   In FlexNet Manager you may create reports for the features of any appl...
  • Flexera Software FlexNet Publisher lmgrd contains a buffer overflow vulnerability

    Is there going to be an update to mgcld and lmgrd provided my MGC? The details of this issue are provided in this link: Vulnerability Note VU#485744 - Flexera Software FlexNet Publisher lmgrd contains a buffer overfl...
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  • Problem to generate pdf file

    Hello folks.   I'm trying to generate an smart pdf file from DxDesigner>File>Export>PDF. But come up the following popup How can I fix failure? Thanks in advance.   Att. Felipe Nascimento
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  • Tip of the week: Use lmstat -f to display users of a particular feature

    It is sometimes helpful to do a status of the license server by feature name. This is done by using the lmstat command with the '-f' option. Here's the syntax: lmutil lmstat -f [feature] -c [path to license file] ...
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  • Tip of The Week: The Do’s and Don’ts of Switching PCB Releases

    The Configurator has been discontinued in all VX releases, replaced by the 'Registrator' and 'Release Switcher' programs. Here are the main points to know about on the topic of switching between PCB VX releases (for e...
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  • Tip of the Week:Use mglaunch.exe to run wrapper scripts in VX releases

    VX releases (for example: PADS VX.1.1) set very few environment variables as compared to pre-VX releases (PADS 9.5 and earlier). The only environment variables that get set are the MGLS_LICENSE_FILE and WDIR_<relea...
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  • Tip of the Week: Setting the WDIR in VX releases

    The first time the Registrator runs (during the VX install) it prompts for the local WDIR folder location, and the value entered is stored into the WDIR_<product_root> environment variable. For example, PADS VX ...
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