• Checkout license Issue

    I try to start vsim from my linux client machin. After approx. 2 minutes, I get message: user@machine:$ vsim Unable to checkout a license. Make sure your license file environment variable (e.g., LM_LICENSE_FILE) is...
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  • How to control license feature consumption to specify user in a multi-user team?

    Hi: We have got an issue about license consumptioin. How to control license feature consumption to specified user or ID in a multi-user team? License service system: Windows Server 2008 License toools: Lmtools, Fl...
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  • Job not compatible with current version of program

    I've recently switched to a new laptop and re-installed PADS Layout, Logic, etc version 9.2.  I had 9.2 on my old laptop (both are Win7) and when I tried to open a file previously created and run on my old laptop...
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  • "Get license failed" witth microtec MCCCF compiler on windows 32 bits

    Hello Mentor community,   I have an issue with my old C compiler microtec mcccf (v5.3S) for ColdFire. I use an USB dongle (sentinel) with regular license that perfectly works on windows 7 32 bits. When I install...
    created by cgreco
  • Team Layout VX2.3 License Requirements

    Does opening Team Layout VX2.3 require an additional Xpedition license?  We are new to Team Layout, and this seems to be the case.
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  • Mentor has unilaterally decided that I no longer have 2 licenses.

    I have been using Sourcery CodeBench (formerly Code Sourcery) for about 7 years, with standalone licenses to run the ARM IDE on two computers (my desktop and my portable).  This has worked fine until my most rece...
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  • How to install local license file to HyperLynx

    Hi,   I downloaded the 30 day trials license for HyperLynx. I placed it under C:\MentorGraphics\AuthorizationCode_EVAL-144885.txt The MGLS_LICENSE_FILE environment variable is setup to point to C:\MentorGraphic...
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  • Valor NPI and PADS Features Cross reference

    With licensing monitoring you get features that the names are cryptic making it hard to tell which tools they correspond to. Where can I get a feature list for PADs and Valor NPI that cross references to the tool names?
    created by dkoles@vicr.com
  • Ideas and suggestion to licensing and RSCM

    Hello Folks, Mentor has a lot of idea sites for all the tools, but I didn't see any idea sites for Licensing. So please do apologize if this is the wrong place to suggest for an improvement, and please do point me to...
    created by milostnik
  • It takes long time to open ModelSim since i used floating license

    First, i apologize for my poor english. I updated floating license of our lab server and It works very well. But compare to the time when i used a student's license on my computer, it is too slow to open ModelSim. ...
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  • Wrong hostid on SERVER line for license file

    Currently, our Windows floating license server (SERVERA) is using a USB dongle and FlexLM v11.11.1.1:   >> SERVER SERVERA FLEXID=9-72bec70f 7418 DAEMON mgcld C:\MentorGraphics\Licensing\mgcld.exe <&...
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  • DxDsigner Link - Error

    Hi Sir, Before I used PADS ES 9.5, it works well. But when I re-install with floating license, (the floating license has no PADS ES, but have layout 125, DxDesigner 050, 075), I cannot open DxDesigner from PADS anymo...
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  • Tip of the Week: Utilities For Testing License Checkout

    When starting or troubleshooting a license server, it's handy to have a way to verify a license checkout without having to run an application. We have two utilities to help you do just that.   On Linux we use th...
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  • No Licenses was found for the Feature viewdraw040. You have specified the following licenses locations (HELP)

    I'm running Pads Logic 9.3.1 and I keep getting the following error.   This is find in the Details The following FLEXlm errors were found:     Server C:\flexlm\license.dat: License server mach...
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  • PADS installation and license file

    I have several files called LicenseFile.dat. How do I know which one to use? None of these files are recognized when trying to install my PADS 9.1 onto another computer. Also, I have tried to install the program witho...
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  • License question?

    While reviewing my license file to see if that was the problem and noticed the date stamp was 2011 - 2017.  Does this mean I can only use pre-2011 software, 9.4, but will not be able to use my PADS software aft...
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  • need help of linux license server

    Hi all,   I am trying to merge the modelsim 10.2c from windows to ubuntu 14.04. Since I am new to modelsim under linux, the license fails to work for unknown reasons. I have a license server: 1717@xxxx.engr.mysc...
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  • PADS 9.1 doesn't install

    After further investigation and trying to install PADS 9.1 on 2 other Win 7 machines and even a Windows 10 lap top machine I still have errors: The errors read as follows: 1.  Error creating start menu entry for...
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  • Suddenly unable to have multiple software keys / dongles inserted concurrently

    The Problem I am no longer able to run different CAD programs on my Windows 7 system concurrently. For years, I have run four CAD software programs (Cadence Orcad, Mentor PADS, Altera Quartus, Mentor Hyperlynx). I oft...
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  • Need new license file when changing Modelsim License Server?

    At our company, we are currently changing our servers, both names and locations. When doing so, will we need a new ModelSim license file, or can we just go with the same file as before?   /Anders
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