• Need new license file when changing Modelsim License Server?

    At our company, we are currently changing our servers, both names and locations. When doing so, will we need a new ModelSim license file, or can we just go with the same file as before?   /Anders
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  • Multiple servers using mgcld daemon on the same machine

    We have Microsemi tool license running on our server which includes a Microsemi version of ModelSim running the mgcld daemon on port 1702. We are trying to add a license server to the same machine for ModelSim/Questa ...
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  • Pyxis_SPT license problems

    Hello, I've been administrating a Mentor Graphics class for a short period, unfortunately I'm not the one who installed and configured everything in the beginning, so I might be incompetent in some aspects. The probl...
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  • ModelSim licensing error

    I have Questa License server floating license installed, but get error with ModelSim Viewer on a Linux client running Questa 10.3d. Server license supports ModelSim viewer 2014.100. Environment variables are set for ...
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  • install capital harness class error

    what is license manager? mentor graphic licensing was installed and configured. !
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  • Difference in isntalling on Win7 and Win81

    Hello Folks,   has anyone experienced a difference using the install program to generate a batch install script and run it in two different environments once under win7 the other time under win8.1 The same qu...
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  • PADS PCB Design software and regulated standards

    I work for a medical device company.  We design and manufacture medical devices. We are considering PADS PCB Design software for our engineers.  I had a question that I hope you can help me with.  I've ...
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    Please note I have the license file in the server machine which has OS as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. I have successfully installed Mentor Graphics (PYXIS v 10.2) in my client machine that has OS Fedora 21.   T...
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  • Tracking Mentor Product licenses in FlexNet Manager

    We currently using FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications to centrally manage all the licenses we have for the various applications.   In FlexNet Manager you may create reports for the features of any appl...
  • Could not check out a Hyperlynx license.

    I have Hyperlynx 7.5 installed on my Windows 7 Pro x32 machine and receive the "Could not check out a Hyperlynx license." popup.   My license is a node-locked perpetual license using a FLEXID-9 USB key. I have ...
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  • Flexera Software FlexNet Publisher lmgrd contains a buffer overflow vulnerability

    Is there going to be an update to mgcld and lmgrd provided my MGC? The details of this issue are provided in this link: Vulnerability Note VU#485744 - Flexera Software FlexNet Publisher lmgrd contains a buffer overfl...
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  • dxdesigner & pads pro both eating licenses

    Currently our license server checks out 2 licenses to one machine for use in dxdesigner, and pads pro if both are open. I'm not sure if this is the way licensing works.   Is this the way licensing is supposed t...
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  • Error 73740 (ie3dcpucore)

    Hi! I'm new to IE3D/HyperLynx (v. 15.3) and I'm going through the training in the PDF User Guide. I was fine until I got to page 6-40, on batch simulating GDSII files through AGIF. When I attempt to run the simulation...
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  • Nucleus readystart - Sourcery codebench is unlicensed

    Let me start by saying that I am completely new to the nucleus readystart development environment. I installed the nucleus readystart on a Linux host. The license path environment variable is set correctly. I provided...
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  • node-locked license error after change from LM_LICENSE_FILE to MGLS_LICENSE_FILE

    Hello,   we are facing a node-locked license issue after changing from LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to MGLS_LICENSE_FILE. New license file (with new format) was downloaded from SupportNet. Environment ...
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  • How to change a license server PC

    We just bought a combo site-float license for Tanner Tools and Calibre.  The new license is tied to the MAC address of my desktop PC that is still running WIndowsXP. It seemed not letting me to install the licens...
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  • Mentor License question

    We are running version 2005 of Mentor Graphics on an old HPUX system.  I need to move the license server from HPUX to a Windows 2008 server.  When I install the license server and configure per the video on ...
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  • License location does not contain a valid license

    Hello,   I'm attempting to install CodeBench for ARM Lite that was purchased. I downloaded the authorization code file from my account, and pointed to the installer to that location, but I get the error in the a...
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  • CodeBench license not found after reboot

    I'm running Ubuntu 14. I've installed the CodeBench Lite ARM Linux IDE and during installation it accepts my valid license file. I can run and compile code--no problems. Once I reboot, however, I attempt to compile th...
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  • Alladin USB hardware key (Flexid 9-...) supported on Windows Server 2012r2 64 bit?

    Is the licensing of Pads V9.5 (FLEXnet Licensing v11.10.0.3 build 96515 i86_n3 and MCCLD.exe) supported on Windows Server 2012r2 64 bit as virtual machine?   If not, does it help to use Mentor_License_Utility v3...
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