• PADS Pro License nuisance fix?

    New to PADS Professional (vx.2.6) and have encountered an annoying operation with the software and was curious if anyone has also experienced this? Has anyone found a fix or know of a way to streamline a fix?   ...
    created by ezmartin_ds
  • Determining the Hostid for Licensing

    Note: For instructions specific to the PADS Flow software, please refer to How to verify and install/fix hardware key driver problems with PADS.   The term "hostid" simply refers to a number we can use for lic...
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  • How and when to upgrade the license server for PADS Flow applications (video)

    To determine whether an upgrade of the licensing software (lmgrd/mgcld) is required on the license server, refer to the table below. Note: The lmgrd and mgcld daemons are backwards compatible for PADS releases v2003 ...
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  • Tip of the Week: Troubleshooting slow tool invocation due to licensing

    If you are experiencing slow invocation times with one or more of your Mentor Graphics applications - here are some general tips and techniques, as well as application-specific options (for Expedition PCB and PADS Lay...
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  • How can I tell Gerbtool 13 to query th correct license Server?

    Hi community,   I have an issue regarding Gerbtool from Mentor 2004, maybe one can help me to resolve.   An old  physical PC with Mentor WG 2005 and the Gerbtool comming with Mentor WG 2004 works well...
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  • modeslim 10.5c very slow when using stand alone license

    Hi,   I have some servers at the LM_LICENSE_FILE and MGLS_LICENSE_FILE, also for continue working while I'm traveling I have a license.dat file at LM_LICENSE_FILE. When I'm at the office everything works perfec...
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  • Modelsim licensce server error

    Hi,   last week modelsim 10.5c IntelFPGA edition had a strange behavior:  it compiled the project and when it was going to start simulating it compiled the project again and it was stuck in that never endi...
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  • License error [mgls_errno = 203] with latest HASP driver

    Hi all,   I'm running Xpedition VX.1.1 with a USB dongle on a Windows 7 prof. system with HASP driver and everything is working fine. If I upgrade the HASP driver to version then my VX.1.1 sof...
    Wim Creyghton
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  • License server starting with Errors of daemon.

    10:18:50 (mgcld) License server system started on <<servername>> 10:18:50 (mgcld) No features to serve, exiting 10:18:50 (mgcld) EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 36 Exit reason 4 10:18:50 (lmgrd) mgcld exited with...
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  • How to control license feature consumption to specify user in a multi-user team?

    Hi: We have got an issue about license consumptioin. How to control license feature consumption to specified user or ID in a multi-user team? License service system: Windows Server 2008 License toools: Lmtools, Fl...
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  • msimpevsim license issue

    Hi all,   I am using modelsim DE 10.2c software for simulation and facing an issue with the license dongle. I am frequently getting the following error ** Error: Failure to obtain a VHDL simulation license. Una...
    created by saikiran
  • "Get license failed" witth microtec MCCCF compiler on windows 32 bits

    Hello Mentor community,   I have an issue with my old C compiler microtec mcccf (v5.3S) for ColdFire. I use an USB dongle (sentinel) with regular license that perfectly works on windows 7 32 bits. When I install...
    created by cgreco
  • Team Layout VX2.3 License Requirements

    Does opening Team Layout VX2.3 require an additional Xpedition license?  We are new to Team Layout, and this seems to be the case.
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  • Mentor has unilaterally decided that I no longer have 2 licenses.

    I have been using Sourcery CodeBench (formerly Code Sourcery) for about 7 years, with standalone licenses to run the ARM IDE on two computers (my desktop and my portable).  This has worked fine until my most rece...
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  • license manager startup script that will work with systemd instead sysV

    We are refreshing our license servers and the new machines run RHEL v7. The existing scripts and documentation are geared for the old sysV configuration. I submitted a service request and was told "If you used &ldqu...
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  • Using the Mentor License Utility to query and edit the licensing environment (video)

    Demonstration:      The Mentor License Utility can be used for quick and easy editing of the licensing environment on a Windows machine. Some of the functions include:   Environment variables an...
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  • Changing server ID requires service request, but can't open new request

    We've purchased a new server for our site and would like to move the PADS licensing to it. In the Account Center when viewing the license information and clicking on the "Edit Server", the popup says "*If you need to ...
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  • How to install local license file to HyperLynx

    Hi,   I downloaded the 30 day trials license for HyperLynx. I placed it under C:\MentorGraphics\AuthorizationCode_EVAL-144885.txt The MGLS_LICENSE_FILE environment variable is setup to point to C:\MentorGraphic...
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  • Valor NPI and PADS Features Cross reference

    With licensing monitoring you get features that the names are cryptic making it hard to tell which tools they correspond to. Where can I get a feature list for PADs and Valor NPI that cross references to the tool names?
    created by dkoles@vicr.com
  • Ideas and suggestion to licensing and RSCM

    Hello Folks, Mentor has a lot of idea sites for all the tools, but I didn't see any idea sites for Licensing. So please do apologize if this is the wrong place to suggest for an improvement, and please do point me to...
    created by milostnik