• License request for pwrshell feature failed

      I have PADS 2007.1 and DXdesigner  running on Windows XP, worked great! but I had not used it since 2015, now it will not run! and said No license was found for plogshell. Security System wasn't properly i...
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  • How to update Hyperlynx SI/PI/Thermal for PADS Pro VX.2.7

    I have PADS Pro VX.2.7 and saw that there was an update for Hyperlynx SI/PI/Thermal (update 2). How can I install this update? If I try to install the HyperLynx VX.2.7 Update 2 the install program doesn't ...
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  • urgent need help

    # # Please go to http://www.model.com and download an updated copy of the ModelSim PE Student Edition. # Error loading design   I have downloaded four times and put license in correct folder but still I am gett...
    created by kyuripark
  • How and when to upgrade the license server for PADS Flow applications (video)

    To determine whether an upgrade of the licensing software (lmgrd/mgcld) is required on the license server, refer to the table below. Note: The lmgrd and mgcld daemons are backwards compatible for PADS releases v2003 ...
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  • Which PADS Flow release am I entitled to use?

    Mobile Compute licenses (a.k.a. "Nodelocked uncounted") If an existing license file works for a prior PADS release, whether or not it will work for the most recent release depends on the version date of the licenses. ...
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  • Out of Memory Error [IPW401]

    Hi Sir, When I install VX.1, appear Out of Memory Error [IPW401], could you pls tell me how to solve?  
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  • Parametric database error

    We are presently using PADS VX2.1 DxDesigner in Netlist flow for Schematics. Getting the below message on invoking DxDesigner. "There is no valid license to use Parametric database". What could be the reason?
    created by ritu
  • Network Doogle LED won't come on. Any updates needed?

    Our Network Doogle key led is not coming on anymore since a few months ago, maybe windows updated? Our standalone doogle license (not Network server) is working property on the same computer (LED on doogle lights up w...
    created by dlei
  • pads vx2.1  or above software link

    hello any one have pads vx 2.1 or above version software link for download please help me
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  • msimpevsim license issue

    Hi all,   I am using modelsim DE 10.2c software for simulation and facing an issue with the license dongle. I am frequently getting the following error ** Error: Failure to obtain a VHDL simulation license. Una...
    created by saikiran
  • Job not compatible with current version of program

    I've recently switched to a new laptop and re-installed PADS Layout, Logic, etc version 9.2.  I had 9.2 on my old laptop (both are Win7) and when I tried to open a file previously created and run on my old laptop...
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  • Make it easy to maintain configuration across installations

    I like to run Mentor (Pads Pro DX & Layout) at home and in the office. Every new install, every update and I have to reconfigure settings for colour scheme, toolbars etc. As I already have a common folder (WDIR) w...
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  • VX2.3 64bit availability

    Last year, our company purchase two seats VX2.2 network license.  Our PC are win7 64 bit. After installation by local distributor, we found the PADS were 32bit version.  We asked the distributor and was tol...
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  • Using the Mentor License Utility to query and edit the licensing environment (video)

    Demonstration:      The Mentor License Utility can be used for quick and easy editing of the licensing environment on a Windows machine. Some of the functions include:   Environment variables an...
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  • How to change  language in PADS VX.2.2

    Dears,   Does anyone know how to change the language setting ? I had selected the language in the list but it doesn't work.
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  • Changing server ID requires service request, but can't open new request

    We've purchased a new server for our site and would like to move the PADS licensing to it. In the Account Center when viewing the license information and clicking on the "Edit Server", the popup says "*If you need to ...
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  • Valor NPI and PADS Features Cross reference

    With licensing monitoring you get features that the names are cryptic making it hard to tell which tools they correspond to. Where can I get a feature list for PADs and Valor NPI that cross references to the tool names?
    created by dkoles@vicr.com
  • FLEXlm version of the vendor daemon is too old: 1717@SERVER.

    Hi Sir, Notebook installed PADS2007.2, it cannot work since cannot get license from server, but another PC works well, why?? Server install PADS9.5 Problem: FLEXlm version of the vendor daemon is too old: 1717@SGH...
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  • Using the -batchremove switch to uninstall applications

    Hi all   I'm wanting to create a silent install and un-install of the PADS PCB Viewer. As far as I can tell I should use the batch tool to create a script that automates the installation of the Viewer. I've got ...
    created by peter.coghlan
  • PADS Pro: Can't start PADS Symbol Editor in PADS Library Tools ?!...

    Following my previous question on the same topic...     When upgrading from "PADS Pro VX.2.2" to "Pads Pro VX.2.2 upgrade 3", is it necessary to install all the intermediate releases ? i.e "PADS Pro VX2.2...
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