• systemutils70.dll missing - to which product does it belong?

    Hi there,   while saving a DxD Design into Teamcenter the attached error appears. I think it may belong to PADS, which is not installed. How to get it?   BR, Thomas
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  • Downloading older versions of mentor graphics with expired support

    I currently have a license server set up and discovered that my installation media is corrupt.   Is there anywhere I can download PADS2007.2 without needing an active support through supportnet?   - note...
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  • DxDsigner Link - Error

    Hi Sir, Before I used PADS ES 9.5, it works well. But when I re-install with floating license, (the floating license has no PADS ES, but have layout 125, DxDesigner 050, 075), I cannot open DxDesigner from PADS anymo...
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  • Tip of the Week: Utilities For Testing License Checkout

    When starting or troubleshooting a license server, it's handy to have a way to verify a license checkout without having to run an application. We have two utilities to help you do just that.   On Linux we use th...
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  • re-installing Pads due to changing computer

    Hi All, I recently changed computers and am trying to reinstall pads layout and logic on my new computer.  I tried going to the website and support areas, but could not find where to download my last version (X....
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  • No Licenses was found for the Feature viewdraw040. You have specified the following licenses locations (HELP)

    I'm running Pads Logic 9.3.1 and I keep getting the following error.   This is find in the Details The following FLEXlm errors were found:     Server C:\flexlm\license.dat: License server mach...
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  • Unable to get license for Pads Logic 9.3

    Andrew,   Awhile back you helped me with my 9.4 installation and why my PADS logic did not install with my current license. This was due to an invalid license because of the date, see your reply below. But now ...
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  • PADS installation and license file

    I have several files called LicenseFile.dat. How do I know which one to use? None of these files are recognized when trying to install my PADS 9.1 onto another computer. Also, I have tried to install the program witho...
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  • Upgrading license from ES to Standard Plus issues

    I am having an issue with the new license file generated after upgrading my ES suite to Standard Plus. I am able to swap between the old and new license files in the C:\MentorGraphics\license_files\ directory –...
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  • License question?

    While reviewing my license file to see if that was the problem and noticed the date stamp was 2011 - 2017.  Does this mean I can only use pre-2011 software, 9.4, but will not be able to use my PADS software aft...
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  • PADS 9.1 doesn't install

    After further investigation and trying to install PADS 9.1 on 2 other Win 7 machines and even a Windows 10 lap top machine I still have errors: The errors read as follows: 1.  Error creating start menu entry for...
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  • Suddenly unable to have multiple software keys / dongles inserted concurrently

    The Problem I am no longer able to run different CAD programs on my Windows 7 system concurrently. For years, I have run four CAD software programs (Cadence Orcad, Mentor PADS, Altera Quartus, Mentor Hyperlynx). I oft...
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  • Pads SDD 9.4 Reinstall Fails

    I had some sort of HD failure, and our IT guy did the usual clean-up, nothing major (mostly removing browser and Outlook add-ins). Afterwards, Schematic and Layout would not start. Clicking on either resulted in not...
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  • PADS 9.5 re-install

    My PADS 9.5 quit working and the files were deleted.  I'm trying to reinstall 9.5.   When it gets to the part where the MGC SDD Configurator is "Registering wg files..." i get the message box"C:\MentorGraph...
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  • PADS PCB Design software and regulated standards

    I work for a medical device company.  We design and manufacture medical devices. We are considering PADS PCB Design software for our engineers.  I had a question that I hope you can help me with.  I've ...
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    Please note I have the license file in the server machine which has OS as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. I have successfully installed Mentor Graphics (PYXIS v 10.2) in my client machine that has OS Fedora 21.   T...
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  • License Expires in 30 after installing new license on server

    I've installed a new floating license file 3 times on our shared server   Users are still getting a message that the license will expire in 30 days.   When I looked on the users computer I see this   ...
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  • Alladin USB hardware key (Flexid 9-...) supported on Windows Server 2012r2 64 bit?

    Is the licensing of Pads V9.5 (FLEXnet Licensing v11.10.0.3 build 96515 i86_n3 and MCCLD.exe) supported on Windows Server 2012r2 64 bit as virtual machine?   If not, does it help to use Mentor_License_Utility v3...
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  • new license files.

    Is there anyone out there that can walk me through installing new licenses since mine expired I have the new license files. The videos do not work for my PADS .
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  • Problem to generate pdf file

    Hello folks.   I'm trying to generate an smart pdf file from DxDesigner>File>Export>PDF. But come up the following popup How can I fix failure? Thanks in advance.   Att. Felipe Nascimento
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