• PADS 9.5 install fails with no license.dat

    Failed 9.5 install (no license found for viewdata040), ran Mentor Graphics SSD Test and Install HW Key Driver and it found the dongle. Ran  Mentor_License_Utility and it failed to find the dongle. Removed and rei...
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  • Warning message: "The following product options expire in fewer than 30 days" (video)

    Users with Mobile Compute (Node-locked) licenses: Acquire an updated license file. If you have a SupportNet account you can download it. Install the updated license file. Refer to How to install a PADS license for my...
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  • USB Dongle Occasionally not detected

    I use a USB hardware dongle. Occasionally, during program use, I get an error saying that my key isn't detected. Sometimes when this happens I just clear the error and keep going. But sometimes the program exits abrup...
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  • License request for pwrshell feature failed - need help please

    Hi, I am running PADS Layout 2005 SPac1 Build #2005.103.1 on a Windows XP computer. (yeah, I know you are wondering why)   I am receiving this error:   Security System wasn't properly initialized: License ...
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  • PADS ES licensing with version VX.1.1/VX.1.2

    Hi everyone,   what should do people who don't want to migrate from old PADS ES/LS to the new PADS Std/+ but are on maintenance? Can they just download the newest version from supportnet and use it with license...
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  • How to install 2 versions of PADS (9.3 and 9.5) in 1 computer

    Hi, everyone. I want to install 2 versions of PADS (9.3 and 9.5) in 1 computer. I have try some way to install: install 2 version different folder, different harddisk. But 2 versions can't work same time. who can ins...
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  • Change of licensing in PADS Professional during work

    Hello colleagues,   is it possible to change the licensing used by PADS Professional without closing and opening a project/board? I select no options in the startup splash screen and I want to change it fr...
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  • Missing Start Menu application links - Pads 9.5

    While trying to install a renewal license, all but a couple of the Start Menu links disappeared under Mentor Graphics SDD.  Do I need to run through the product installation again to get them back or is there an ...
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  • Tip of the Week: Mapping Feature Name to Functionality in PADS

    I've spent much of my week answering questions about what functionality PADS license feature names authorize. While this can become a complex subject, much of this information is documented in the manuals under "Licen...
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  • Hardware Key (Dongle) Discontinuations and Replacement FAQ

    This FAQ describes hardware key (dongle) discontinuations in recent releases of Mentor Standard Licensing (MSL) and the process to follow for hardware key replacements.   As of the MSL v2013_2 release, only the ...
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  • Generating a Run-time Diagnostic Report with the Mentor License Utility (video)

    There are two different reports that are available - the Standard and Run-time versions. The contents of the reports are mostly the same. The key difference is the Run-time version pauses to allow replication of the l...
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  • Tip of the Week: PADS VX.0 and VX.1 can run side-by-side

    One of the benefits of "VX" releases is they can run side-by-side. This means there is no longer a requirement to "switch" releases like there was with PADS 9.5 and earlier. Both PADS VX.0 and PADS VX.1 releases can c...
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  • Tip of the Week: PADS VX.1 Key Licensing and Infrastructure Information

    There are a number of licensing and install changes in the PADS VX.1 release that you should review before you download and attempt to install.   https://supportnet.mentor.com/portal?do=reference.technote&id...
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  • Need guidance for basic DPI example

    Hello,   I am trying to run a basic DPI example.   ==================================== =========SV FILE   top.sv ============== module top; import "DPI-C" string_sv2c=function void string_s...
  • empty auth codes file

    Hi,   We use PADS 2005 and PADS 9.3.1, using the configurator. The person who used to take care of the licensing and maintain the tool has left and I have to take over and am a bit lost.   We apparently u...
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  • Transferring an older 32-bit installation of PADS to Win64

    We are looking at any possible issues that might arise when moving our Pads installation from a 32-bit WinXP machine to (probably) Win7 64-bit hardware.  The versions we are running are:   PowerPCB: 5.0.1 ...
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  • viewdraw license issue

    Hi,   I transferred a license of DxDesigner from other computer to my computer. I installed the dongle and license file. The license was detected by the lmtool. However, when I run DxDesigner, the license is fai...
  • How do I get updates for my PADS 9.1

    I loaded PADS 9.1 onto a new machine and need to update it to 9.1 w/update 3 as is on my old machine. How can I do this?   Thank you.   Jim Lovell
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  • Error during installation PADS

    Hello! I try to install PADS and get next error. File with history is attached.  I use evaluation version of program.     If I skip this error after installation I cannot run the program, there are n...
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  • PADS Suite Configuration for Controlling License Consumption

    Open video

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