• Remote server configuration manager and Windows Server 2012R2

    our RSCM is running on Windows2003R2 but we would like to upgrade to Windows 2008R2 and in the future Windows 2012R2. I understand Windows server 2008 R2 has not been tested and is  unsupported but you do not exp...
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  • Licensing error: The system date/time appears to have been set back.

    I accidentally set my calendar forward a month, and I used Pads Logic and Layout while the date was set forward.  I went home for the night and windows must have done an update overnight and reset the clock to th...
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  • Questa ADMS

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  • Flotherm run error in new machine Win 7

    I have got a severe headache on Flotherm run error and would seek your expert advice.   Flotherm is installed in new PC Win 7. Whenever I run Flotherm for a slightly large problem (mesh 500K to 1M), it often sho...
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  • DxDesinger floating license not available on other windows computers on the same network

    The environment variables MGLS_LICENSE_FILE and LM_LICENSE_FILE are both set to 1717@m6700 on the remote computer. The server windows computer has the environment variable MGLS_LICENSE_FILE is set to 1717@m6700 and D...
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  • failed to install modelsim PE on win8 system

    Dear all,   I have downloaded modelsim PE for students, and i have tried to install it with administrator access. After i double click the exe file, it was shown on the screen that it was unpackaging, but nothi...
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  • USB dongle write access

    Hello,   Please let me know if the USB write access is mandatory to acces the License from a USB dongle...??   Why is it so, as other vendors are giving with only the read access....   Regards, Pavan
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  • Missing .ccz sample files in the visECAD download

    I installed the visECAD viewer, but the .ccz sample files they say are included do not seem to be.   Is there a download site for sample schematic and pcb files?   Thanks Rick
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  • Client loses ability to connect to license server

    Hello,   The last couple of day's my 2nd shift users have been experiencing issues with their ability to connect to my FLEXLM license server.  1st shift users have not been having issues.  We use the l...
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  • how to download the "Questa SV/AFV"? would someone please give me some guides?

    I used to download "Questa SV/AFV" from supportnet, but this time I sign in, the download tab is gone. so how to download the software? I am really curious, and it is really appreciated that you give me some advice.
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  • Remote Desktop with Nucleus products

    If you have a mobile compute license, the limitation with remote display is well documented on this site (see License Types) and on SupportNet. But there is a twist with Nucleus products, so I thought I'd post this at...
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  • license issue: new license file but port is in use

    I was trying to point it to a new license file @ port 1717 (Site_3109593.txt), but it says the port is in use. Do you know another port I can use to run FloEFD with this new file?     The following FLEXlm er...
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  • liceance related issue DxDesigner    (Feature:dxsimif)

    We are having some liceance related issue:     Error Message:         The following FLEXlm errors were found:     Server 1717@PC-IN102: License server system does ...
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  • Anyone know of a step by step guide to get FLotherm to run on 1 machine

    Does anyone know of a simple step by step guide to get flotherm to run on one machine if it is not on any machines or servers already?   I wouldn't have though this was unreasonable at the start of last week whe...
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  • Is ModelSim PE Student Edition free for student?

    I am a student and want to install ModelSim PE Student Edition to learn how to use Modelsim. I wonder whether I can get free license from Mentor Graphic and I filled the Software download Request form?   Thanks.
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  • How to start a licensing server automatically on UNIX

    How to start a  licensing server automatically on UNIX?I need  an example script, refer to the Mentor Graphics Application Note #4000 found at: ttp://supportnet.mentor.com/reference/appnotes/index.cfm?id=400...
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  • mgls_v9-9_3-1-0.ixl on RHEL 6

    Hello,   I am trying to get mgls_v9-9_3-1-0.ixl working for my recently generated license set. lmgrd starts up, but mgcld does not.   I have checked the log file:   16:22:54 (mgcld)   ...
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  • DXD, PADS Layout wouldn't open after upgrading from 9.3.1 to 9.5

    I have been using DxDesigner/PADS Layout 9.3.1 and recently upgraded to 9.5. Neither DxDesigner nor PADS Layout would start anymore now. They throw up the errors as attached files. I have tried the following but it di...
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  • license server exits < 1/2 second after starting

    Modelsim PE 10.2a, Windows 7, USB dongle. Installed today. Other people in the office use it successfully.   When I run Modelsim it says, "Unable to check out a license. Run the Modelsim Licensing Wizard from th...
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  • configurator -skiplicense during a batch installation

    Hi When installing Expedition from a batchinstall.bat file is it possible at the end of the process when the configurator is run, to run it with the -skiplicense option?   I've looked at using the -inifile <...
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