• HyperLynx with a FlexID=8 Dongle on Windows7 64b

    Our site is out of maintenance currently on HyperLynx.  We have been using HyperLynx 8.0 on XP machines with our FlexID=8 dongle just fine.  We are now trying to get it to run under Win7 and find there are n...
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  • Software installation with declined SuportNet contract

    We have an Modelsim PE VHDL node-locked license purchased 05.2012. Currently I'm using version 6.5d and I'd like to switch to some never version but not newer than 05.2012 so that it is covered by my license.   ...
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  • Hyperlynx and Elso Installation

    Hallo People,   Could some please guide me on how to the installation of Hyperlynx SI/PI along with ELDO softwares?. I have previously installed both the softwares on my laptop in Programme(x86) and could not ...
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  • Flowmaster Database up gradation issue

    When i am upgrading my flowmaster database from version V7.8 to V9.0 it is showing memory/RAM error. I cannot sort out that memory issue.   So can i directly install newer version V9.0 and creat new database (No...
    created by yogesh.umbarkar
  • Pads layout as viewer or demo

    I would like to use PADS as viewer. I do not want to read 10 documents or go thru 10 steps on the web. I just want to view a Pads file for free!!! It's really heavy to reach that goal when we compare with orthers tool...
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  • Please help me with the the Installation

    Hello:   I am trying to install FloEFD Pro 10 but during the installation, after accept the license agreement, i must write the "User Name", "Organization" and the "Serial Number"....so my question is..where can...
  • Capital Bridge for Pro/E license error

    I am trying to get the bridge plugin to work in Pro/e.  I can register the bridge app with Por/e but when I try to start it I get a Licensing Failure! dialog box that reads, "Licensing error: The package informat...
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  • Hyperlynx SI Licensing Problem

    Hello,   I am trying to use Hyperlynx SI Boardsim / Linesim. I have downloaded the installation program and installed the program to my computer.   Hyperlynx SI Boardsim / Linesim is installed succesfully...
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  • license installation

    Hello,   Some engineer bought ModelTech ModelSim SE-64 10.0b two years ago (in 2011). It's a floating license for a server so multiple users can use ModelSim. However, the entire system was taken apart when the ...
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  • how to start Questa Prime on Linux

    I installed to /opt/quesa_sim/   Which program starts Questa Prime?   I've opened a terminal window from within an UltraVNC GUI.
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  • Alladin dongle issue on Winodws 7

    Hi,   I have seen recently several licensing problems with unrecognized Allading dongles on Windows7 64 bit. The Licensing Wizard reports revealead invalid hostid messages. However , the Alladin led is ON. Mor...
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  • What type of licenses

    How can I tell if I have a network/floating license or a nodelocked uncounted/mobile license?
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  • FLEXnet version

    How can I tell what version of FLEXnet is currently installed?
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  • Flowmaster Install V7.9 Install issues

    After installing flowmaster V7.9 I cant' execute I get the following errors:   The database Flowmaster cannot be found on server   The project Flowmaster cannot be opened by username “kindreta” ...
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  • BSOD BCCode 18 when installing license for PADS 9.3

    My Windows 7 SP1 32-bit PC goes BSOD when attempting to install a license file for PADS 9.3.  We have node locked licenses with FLEXnet USB keys.  Any ideas?   BCCode: 18 BCP1: 00000000 BCP2: 8D1D69A...
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  • Service Pack Installation

    Hello,  IT has setup my machine a few months ago.  I noticed a newer SP1212 is available.  Is this something I can download and install and VeSys still maintains the server license and database configur...
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  • Configurator will not be able to add Start Menu items error

    When running the configurator on windows 7 I get the following error:  
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  • Problems setting up license in linux with flexera publisher

    Hello all   I'm new in this community, and after some hours reading "how tos", "readme" and other guides, I think I'm stuck with this.   What I have: - Linux server with Ubuntu server 12.04.1. - FlexNe...
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  • Invalid HostID

    Hi,   I recently experienced a strange licensing situation:      - I installed ModelSim Designer on Windows7 64 bit and (ModelSim Designer is not oficialy supported on Win7 )  . I have ...
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  • Mentor ADMS error in vasim

    Hi all,   My system is Red Hat 6.2 32-bit. I am installing the new version of ADMS, 2011.1a. Everything goes well. I try to lauch modelsim with vsim command, it perfectly works. In the next step, I open questasi...
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