• license activate fails

    The first attached log is generated by lmgrd -c Site_130127.txt -log lmgrd.log
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  • Mentor Install: Installing an older version and clicking "Check Online" for the latest version does not show the correct latest version.

    Hello,   The latest version of the license software is currently "Licensing v2019_3 (FlexNet 11.16.4 / PCLS v9.22.3.1)".   I ran "Licensing v2019_1 (FlexNet 11.16.0 / PCLS v9.20.7.3)" on the Mentorgraphic...
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  • How to select license at Expedition startup ?

    Hello, I am using Expedition since several years. I remember I could select, at opening Expedition, which license to use. As I was always using "Ascent", I have set it as default and have no more the license select...
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  • License server installation error

    Hi,  We have FloEFD v16 with Dongle license. we have not used this for quite some time and tried installing in one of the systems. I have tried in windows 10 and windows 7 to install the software and license ser...
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  • More port needs to be open?

    We are installing a Capital training enviroment for a customer but the server and client are using official license server.   Based on the company policy, they will close unnecessary ports and then we request 17...
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  • LMTOOLS:  About redundant license server settings

    This is a question from YAZAKI.   The customer is verifying the construction of 3 redundant license servers, and has been asked to solve the following questions.   1. About the “Start / Stop / Reread...
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  • Pads vx1.1 on system just upgraded from Win7 to 10 Dongle issues

    Hello Forum,   Im running Pads VX1.1 on what is now a Windows 10pc.  I got the nag window from Microsoft and ran the update earlier in the week to get out of windows 7.  I can get pads to run in demo m...
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  • OPT-File EXCLUDE/INCLUDE issue (same version of keys)

    Hello,   I have an issue in the license configuration.   We use location and country licenses. I configure the .opt file with INCLUDE/EXCLUDE some groups. It works well so far, but I have a problem with t...
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  • License

    Hi please send me license for the viewer - it is mot updated
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  • PADS 9.5 license key

    I misplaced my PADS key How can I get a replacement?
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  • Modelsim not starting with node locked license

    Hello - I am having trouble getting a Mobil compute license for Modelsim working on Windows 10.   When I launch Modelsim, I get the following error:   Unable to checkout a license. Make sure your license f...
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  • Need PADS ES Suite Ap SW download file

    I have bought PADS ES Suite Ap SW at 2012 with licensing by 2028. Unfortunately I have lost setup file.  Could you please send to me a download link for the PADS ES Suite Ap SW?   PS Pl...
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  • PADS Pro License nuisance fix?

    New to PADS Professional (vx.2.6) and have encountered an annoying operation with the software and was curious if anyone has also experienced this? Has anyone found a fix or know of a way to streamline a fix?   ...
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  • Link a Mentor Account to a Site ID

    We have a few linceses for a Mentor product and in order to get access to the Support Center I do need a Mentor Account. I registered myself and would like to link this Account with the Site ID of my organisation such...
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  • infodmon?

    Looking to set up new license server for MagNet & MotorSolve License file indicates vendor daemon is "infodmon" (I'm used to "mgcld") Which license server software do I download to support this?
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  • Updates installation

    So when installing vx2.x from scratch, do I need to install every one of the single 37 updates or does the newest update contain all previous updates?
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  • Installation with Cloudpaging

    I wonder if Mentor Tools supports Cloudpaging as a way of distribution Tools?
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  • Modelsim node locked license blocked by Intel Starter edition

    We are using a node locked license for Modelsim for simulating bigger designs. On the same system we are also using the free starter edition that is delivered together with Intel Quartus for some of their FPGAs.  ...
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  • How to get license uses log for a month

    Hi,  I have floating license and i want to check one month log that how many users access the license in one month. 
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  • How can I tell Gerbtool 13 to query th correct license Server?

    Hi community,   I have an issue regarding Gerbtool from Mentor 2004, maybe one can help me to resolve.   An old  physical PC with Mentor WG 2005 and the Gerbtool comming with Mentor WG 2004 works well...
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