• Ubutun安装Hyperlynx后,点击菜单无法启动出现软件用户界面,也没有任何报错提示。

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  • ModelSim licence not working

    I am hoping to use ModelSim PE Student Edition with my distance learning, undergraduate Electronics 3 class of 15 students next semester, to replace Lattice Semiconductor ispLEVER, to teach an introduction to VHDL....
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  • How to update Hyperlynx SI/PI/Thermal for PADS Pro VX.2.7

    I have PADS Pro VX.2.7 and saw that there was an update for Hyperlynx SI/PI/Thermal (update 2). How can I install this update? If I try to install the HyperLynx VX.2.7 Update 2 the install program doesn't ...
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  • Questasim Installation Issue

    Hello, I have installed questasim 10.4e. But it is showing fatal license error, saying "Unable to checkout a viewer license necessary for use of the Questasim graphical user interface. Vsim is closing". kindly addres...
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  • Modelsim, Flexera USB dongle, basic license installation instructions

    Hello.   My company has purchased a full license of Modelsim PE via a Dongle License. We received some files that contain: A windows installer executable, a text file named "Authorization_Codes_..." and some "IN...
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  • Capital Server Replication

    We are having latency and response issues when accessing the Capital server.   Our Capital server is located in a different US state than our location.   Can we set up and configure a Capital server at our...
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  • VeSys Classic installation on Windows XP VM!

    Morning All, First post, so here goes...  For the purposes of working on a legacy design I am having to use an ancient installation of Vesys Electrical Series on an old Windows 7 workstation. This is OK, if not...
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  • urgent need help

    # # Please go to http://www.model.com and download an updated copy of the ModelSim PE Student Edition. # Error loading design   I have downloaded four times and put license in correct folder but still I am gett...
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  • new mentor license file failing with calibre client

    Hi tech support: I'm a systems administrator with Yale University, # Yale University                                 Site #: 31344...
  • Linux and "mobile compute"

    Hello,   is it possible to run our SW on Linux using Mobile Compute (nodelocked-uncounted) license?  Or floating and setting up mgls-license server required ? Its for a demo installation.   Regards...
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  • Pads vx1.1 on system just upgraded from Win7 to 10 Dongle issues

    Hello Forum,   Im running Pads VX1.1 on what is now a Windows 10pc.  I got the nag window from Microsoft and ran the update earlier in the week to get out of windows 7.  I can get pads to run in demo m...
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  • License manager update?

    Hello, We have downloaded Flomaster 9.2. We run our licenses on a License server. We would need an update of that server. Were can we download the license manager for this?   BR Arne Hermansson Software Cent...
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  • Check-in license without closing the tool-session

    Is there a command to check in the licenses used by a tool, and check them out again later to continue work on the same session? E.g. check in the license before leaving work, and check it out again next morning. I kn...
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  • How to select license at Expedition startup ?

    Hello, I am using Expedition since several years. I remember I could select, at opening Expedition, which license to use. As I was always using "Ascent", I have set it as default and have no more the license select...
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  • license activate fails

    The first attached log is generated by lmgrd -c Site_130127.txt -log lmgrd.log
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  • Problem with the website Portal.mentor.com to obtain the license file

    Hi,  Yesterday , I installed the modelsim student edition but I couldn´t get the license file because when my browser tried to connect to the website , it coulnd´t find the website because the websit...
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  • License Checkout Issue

    Updated to FloMaster 2019_3. Had to upgrade the license server to 11.16.4 for compatibility with the latest FloMaster. I have the server side showing both the license server and the vendor daemon up and running with t...
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  • What is License file name?

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  • Mentor Install: Installing an older version and clicking "Check Online" for the latest version does not show the correct latest version.

    Hello,   The latest version of the license software is currently "Licensing v2019_3 (FlexNet 11.16.4 / PCLS v9.22.3.1)".   I ran "Licensing v2019_1 (FlexNet 11.16.0 / PCLS v9.20.7.3)" on the Mentorgraphic...
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  • License server installation error

    Hi,  We have FloEFD v16 with Dongle license. we have not used this for quite some time and tried installing in one of the systems. I have tried in windows 10 and windows 7 to install the software and license ser...
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