• Ubutun安装Hyperlynx后,点击菜单无法启动出现软件用户界面,也没有任何报错提示。

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  • ModelSim licence not working

    I am hoping to use ModelSim PE Student Edition with my distance learning, undergraduate Electronics 3 class of 15 students next semester, to replace Lattice Semiconductor ispLEVER, to teach an introduction to VHDL....
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  • How to update Hyperlynx SI/PI/Thermal for PADS Pro VX.2.7

    I have PADS Pro VX.2.7 and saw that there was an update for Hyperlynx SI/PI/Thermal (update 2). How can I install this update? If I try to install the HyperLynx VX.2.7 Update 2 the install program doesn't ...
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  • Questasim Installation Issue

    Hello, I have installed questasim 10.4e. But it is showing fatal license error, saying "Unable to checkout a viewer license necessary for use of the Questasim graphical user interface. Vsim is closing". kindly addres...
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  • Modelsim, Flexera USB dongle, basic license installation instructions

    Hello.   My company has purchased a full license of Modelsim PE via a Dongle License. We received some files that contain: A windows installer executable, a text file named "Authorization_Codes_..." and some "IN...
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  • Capital Server Replication

    We are having latency and response issues when accessing the Capital server.   Our Capital server is located in a different US state than our location.   Can we set up and configure a Capital server at our...
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  • VeSys Classic installation on Windows XP VM!

    Morning All, First post, so here goes...  For the purposes of working on a legacy design I am having to use an ancient installation of Vesys Electrical Series on an old Windows 7 workstation. This is OK, if not...
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  • urgent need help

    # # Please go to http://www.model.com and download an updated copy of the ModelSim PE Student Edition. # Error loading design   I have downloaded four times and put license in correct folder but still I am gett...
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  • new mentor license file failing with calibre client

    Hi tech support: I'm a systems administrator with Yale University, # Yale University                                 Site #: 31344...
  • Linux and "mobile compute"

    Hello,   is it possible to run our SW on Linux using Mobile Compute (nodelocked-uncounted) license?  Or floating and setting up mgls-license server required ? Its for a demo installation.   Regards...
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  • Pads vx1.1 on system just upgraded from Win7 to 10 Dongle issues

    Hello Forum,   Im running Pads VX1.1 on what is now a Windows 10pc.  I got the nag window from Microsoft and ran the update earlier in the week to get out of windows 7.  I can get pads to run in demo m...
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  • is there script to set environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE for Questa vsim on Linux

    We're trying to run Questa Prime on a Linux computer, but need to first set LM_LICENSE_FILE.   Is there a script to set the license env var?   Here is the error when we try to run linux_x86_64/vsim ... ...
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  • Determining the Hostid for Licensing

    Note: For instructions specific to the PADS Flow software, please refer to How to verify and install/fix hardware key driver problems with PADS.   The term "hostid" simply refers to a number we can use for lic...
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  • License manager update?

    Hello, We have downloaded Flomaster 9.2. We run our licenses on a License server. We would need an update of that server. Were can we download the license manager for this?   BR Arne Hermansson Software Cent...
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  • Check-in license without closing the tool-session

    Is there a command to check in the licenses used by a tool, and check them out again later to continue work on the same session? E.g. check in the license before leaving work, and check it out again next morning. I kn...
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  • How to select license at Expedition startup ?

    Hello, I am using Expedition since several years. I remember I could select, at opening Expedition, which license to use. As I was always using "Ascent", I have set it as default and have no more the license select...
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  • license activate fails

    The first attached log is generated by lmgrd -c Site_130127.txt -log lmgrd.log
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  • Problem with the website Portal.mentor.com to obtain the license file

    Hi,  Yesterday , I installed the modelsim student edition but I couldn´t get the license file because when my browser tried to connect to the website , it coulnd´t find the website because the websit...
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  • License Checkout Issue

    Updated to FloMaster 2019_3. Had to upgrade the license server to 11.16.4 for compatibility with the latest FloMaster. I have the server side showing both the license server and the vendor daemon up and running with t...
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  • What is License file name?

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