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IDEA System for EDA

Posted by stephens Jun 22, 2017

There were decades of development of system for EDA design environment. The cost, capacity, speed and reliability are always the concern.


Years ago, I got the IDEA station and was able complete some of the project by using Graphic workstation.


Soon after, the homogeneous/heterogeneous computing and super-computer system,  was implemented with multiple CPU cores and cache memory.


There were centralized computing and personalized computing system, with file servers and multiple network configurations.


Then there are VM systems, data center, cloud computing and big-data analysis.


Over the years, I'm still looking for the "idea" system for my EDA environment. Maybe there are never going to be one.



I want to import the LOGO which is in BMP format, but i want to import  it in text format. Is it possible to do it? If anyone having solution for this, please share the details or link to get this resolved.


Thanks in advance.


As of right now, Vplan process had the report for number of feeder in SMT auto session but in general sense.  There is no report contain information of how many feeders for each top and bottom side.

I am new here and would like to share new method.

Necessary tool is just a FontCreator ( it costs $69 now)

By using this FontCreator, make a true type font and save and install Windows.

Below is the font on MSWORD.  Now your work is finished with few click.

You can put this Logo into PADS, by just using a text box.  The result is below.

Good things are no stress and size free out of one font !