• Mass Fraction of Nitrogen( ASM_FIANCO )_000012.avi

    hi , i am erald. i have done this simulation... i ask about validation of it , it is able floefd to give this result? becouse it has given only some time this result, it dont like to give again. thank's
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  • What does this DRC mean?

    Multicore OAS-XXXXX inner-cores contain no common section, cannot calculate length.   This is for an Overbraid.  The wires underneath the overbraid come up with lengths, but the overbraid does not.  Co...
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  • Flotherm PCB user guide

    Hi,   Do you have the FlothermPCB user guide? Thanks!
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  • Finding your community of interest

    The general structure of the communities has remained the same, but we have made a number of changes to streamline our community structure.  Once you have selected your community of interest from the home page, m...
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  • Infolytica DXF import for IM

    Hi Infolytica Team,   I am preparing a demo case and try to import an IM rotor design from a DXF file. The DXF file was imported well, but after choosing the components, press OK, I got an error message about "...
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  • I get an error, when I try to submit an Idea :-(

    Hi all,   why  I get this message when I click submit ?  
  • OFF-Page connector to bus

    Please, is it possible connect bus to off-page connector in PADs Logic? Thank you
    created by brqmskal
  • Quick Start: Sending community items to your email inbox

    The “Receive email notifications” functionality from our older version has been changed. It has been replaced with the concept of activity or content “streams” that have been introduced on othe...
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  • FloEFD turbulence model

    Dear All I am using FloEFD to simulate natural ventilation in building. Through my search in papers, I found that the other commercial software use turbulence models like standard K-e, RNG K-e and SST K-w to solve th...
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  • Overview of New Mentor Graphics Communities (recorded on 10/15/2014 webinar)

    Open video

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  • Quick Start Guide: Logging Into or Registering for Mentor Communities

    To log in or join the Mentor Communities, just select the appropriate choice in the upper right corner of the home page:   Returning members: You can use your same log in credentials you have always used. For ...
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